We have booked our return trip to CSA for 10/10-10/16 and are so excited. However, the current airfare prices are really making my stomach turn! We normally pay about $800-$900 round trip for the two of us to fly from our hometown (Mobile, AL) and we normally book those about 6 weeks before our trip. I first looked at prices for this year's trip a couple weeks ago and they were about $1100 for the both of us. Not too terribly bad, but I thought I would wait because certainly they would only come down from that price, right? WRONG! As of yesterday the price had gone up to a little more than $1450 for both of us!!! I am going to keep holding out in hopes that prices come back down a bit in the next few weeks, but am wondering how much is too much to pay for flights?

How much do you typically pay for flights? Have you paid more this year?