Wife and I just returned on Monday July 4th from Negril. We went to celebrate our 25Th wedding anniversary. Our entire trip was great. If you need to know anything specific that I leave out, feel free to email me and I would be glad to answer anything I can.

Wifi / Skype
One of our concerns was talking with our kids without having a Hugh phone bill upon returning. We both have iPhones and I also carried my iPad. There isn't hardly anywhere we didn't have wifi. We stayed in block 5 so when we were in room we were picking up of the Spa wifi and in the restaurants / bar / beach we were picking up the beach wifi. We actually sit on the beach in our chairs on afternoon and video shooed with our boys and they were able to see beach and the local entertainers walking the beach. Wifi was great. We left iPhones in airplane mode the entire trip and just turned the wifi back on. Worked great

All I can say is bring your appetite. I failed to make reservations for the only restaurant that requires them so we missed eating there but did make all the others and they were great. I think I eat Jerked chicken everyday for lunch. It was great.

Airport shuttle
As soon as we walked up to the Couples lounge in MBJ airport, the couples attendant said shuttle was waiting on us. We both used restroom, grab a drink and headed out. Shuttle bus was nice and cool because after few mintues in that HUMID air we needed it. It took roughly 1:15 to reach the resort.

If you scuba, I strongly recommend going as much as possible. I only went one day but really regretted I didn't schedule more. Meet several that went out everyday. Great dive boat, and the dive guys are unbelievable. I found out I have been overweighted for hrs and after correcting that my last dive was best ever. The coral has great color, with visibility 70-80 feet and water 82 degrees at depths of 50-80 feet. Seen a lot of fish as well as my first Lionfish. They we take great care of you.

Do it !!!!!!!! My wife doesn't dive so we done a morning snorkel trio and was great. It reefs we beautiful and had plenty of fish on them. If you go make sure you to Jovane that the Alabama guy said " If that don't beat a goose a pooting ". He'll know !

If know I didn't cover all but if you have any questions about Couples Negril, shoot me a email

No Problem Mon !!!!!