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    Default Treed area between the beaches at CSS?

    When I look at ariel views of the resort, there is a treed area between the beaches that seperates the coves. Is there anything in that space (trails, paths, hottub, etc) or is it just natural vegetation, and not meant to be explored at all?

    We'll be there in 40 odd days or so and I am just trying to learn all I can.

    Any suggestions on nice romatic hideaways at CSS would be appreciated as well!


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    I don't know, but there is a house in there.

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    That is private property. Keep Out!
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    There is actually a private house there and I would assume off limits.

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    As far as "romantic" hideaways, my wife enjoys the late night visit to the hot tub above the mineral pool.

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    I think I read that some ladies own it and maybe live there. Maybe I am mistaken on that but I was under the impression that Couples does not own it.

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    I believe that is private property and is not to be explored if I am incorrect somebody will correct me!!

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    That area is private property not belonging to the resort and someone lives there. Guests are not allowed in there and it is fenced off. You'll see it as you walk by.

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    there are walking trails there

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    I believe that Couples owns most of that land, except for about a quarter of an acre, on which there is a house owned by someone else. There are no pathways on that piece of land at all. However, the pathway over to Sunset Beach goes around it, and past the pond. It makes a wonderful place to walk in the morning. We often walk around the pond on our way over to Sunset Beach.

    We can give you lots of information about CSS, but it's far more than we could put on the message board, it would take up too much space LOL ! If you'd like, send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you the info and some pictures from our trips as well.

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    When we were there 2 years ago, we talked to Mr. Battaglia(?) the GM who told us that Couples own it except where the house is located. The older lady will not sell. Their long term expansion was to build rooms on the cliffs there. Maybe this is the expansion that was mentioned in another thread that could happen in the next 18 months.

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    Any suggestions on nice romatic hideaways at CSS would be appreciated as well!

    CSS is one big romantic hideaway!!!
    On our first visit to CSS after about 3-4 days, we walking around the grounds after dinner one night and found the hot tub just across the walkway from the mineral pool. We must have walked past it 6-7 times during the day and never knew it was there.
    Grab a couple rum creams from the bar after dinner and check it out while there. Very romantic.

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    The original owner of the land lives there. I had the pleasure of meeting her three years ago. Sweet lady. please respect the signs.

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