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    Thanks everyone for your responses I enjoyed reading all of them. Must have missed something because since last time I checked my post has been removed? Didn't see anyone including myself say anything offense, so who knows? Anyways I appreciate everyone's view points on the AN subject and am glad to hear it's not the restrictive place some posts make it out to seem in our minds. I agree it's a 'once you go, ya know' thing and like I said we plan on giving it a try to see for ourselves. Like everyone has said, I know since it's Couples we can't go wrong with our choice whether naked or clothed. They made our dreams come true once at CSA and we look forward to seeing what CSS has to offer including SSB. Am I correct in thinking I can skinny dip any night on SSB except for the Beach Party and Gala nights? And how about water shoes? I walk barefoot a lot but is it rocky enough to need them or due to critters? My husbands only main worry now is the scorching of his tender parts as we are white as ghosts, ha! ha! Any suggestions people other than apply & re-apply???

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    A tanning bed (I's cheating) is a great way to introduce your "bits and pieces" to UVA rays...

    Usually...a much higher level SPF sunscreen does the trick in those regions as well!

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    I don't think skinny dipping in the pool or hot tub at night would be a problem as long as there are no other festivities. Ocean may be a little risky. Water shoes are a good idea, especially if wading further out. Closer in you won't need them, but the water isn't that deep. Other than using sunscreen where the sun usually doesn't shine, staying in the pool at the bar would keep you from burning there. Also, there are some areas of shade or palapas under which you can sit. Or if you are reading a book, you can properly shade or cover there. One advice is to not focus on the nether regions so much that you forget to apply to your back, shoulders, arms, etc.

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    I always applied sunscreen to those parts while in your room and right at your belt line or just a bit below always seems like a spot that can burn easily. Try a couple of nude tanning bed sessions as well. Your husband is more brave then me. I don't think I could skinny dip at night in the ocean.

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    Yes, you can go skinny dipping at night. I would only do it in the pool as there are rocks in the ocean and you need to be able to watch your step. It is very dark over there at night and could be dangerous going in the ocean at night.

    We didn't wear water shoes in the ocean, but it might have been a good idea. The beach is deep soft sand, but for a few feet out in the ocean, it is rocky.

    As far as sunburns go, I know this is very controversial, but we tan before we go. It lays down a good base and we end up not burning.
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    You'll want to wear water shoes if you go out in the ocean at CSS. You can do it barefoot, but you'll need to stay closer to the cliff and you still need rather tough feet. After 5PM at CSS the beach is open to all. We stayed nude after 5 a few times. We also came back after the Gala night and went in the hot tub nude, although there were clothed guest at the bar. We were pretty sure most at the bar were at CSS earlier in the day, so we didn't think anyone would be offended. Tell you husband to be caeful with the spray on sun lotion. It can sting the private parts. Better to use the cream and rub it on.

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