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    Default (July 23- Aug. 2 ) Meetup

    Hey guys, me and my fiance will be at CSA from July 23- Aug. 2nd. We are getting married July 26th at 4 pm. It is our first time going there and are looking to meet some friends.... : ) It will just be the two of us.

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    we will be there on our honeymoon the 25th-the 1st, congrats! and maybe we will see ya!!!

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    We will be there from the 23-30 to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Congrats to you.

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    Congrats and well met! My future wife and I will be on our honeymoon at CSA from July 24th untill July 31st. Please come on over to the The July 2011 Roll Call thread and meet everyone! Post some pictures so we know who we are buying drinks for I think our picture is over on page three.

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    Congrats on your wedding and anniversary. My wife and I will be going with one other couple from July 28th to Aug 4th for our first trip to CSA. Hope we can buy you all a round of drinks (especially since they are free). Can't wait to see ya there.

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    My wife and I will be there 2 time was married there 2009 arriving July 24-30

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