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    Default Question about catamaran cruise

    Hi all. We will be returning to CN in December. We have never gone on the catamaran cruise but want to try it this time. So many say it is so much fun and I have to admit everyone that comes off seems to be having a great time.

    Is beer available during the cruise or is it all rum drinks? My husband and I did a catamaran cruise once on a cruise and got hurt by rum really bad......our own faults of course. Anyway, we try to steer away from rum. Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, there is beer on the cruise. I also stick with beer most of the time -- get too full before I can do too much damage!! And by the way, the cruise is a great time and seeing the Negril coastline is wonderful. Have a nice trip.

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    They usually have Red Stripe also.

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    beer is avaialbe definetly go at least once...Soonceome dec!!!
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