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    Default CSA Atrium Suite Question

    Hey Everyone,

    Hubby and I are booked for trip number 3 to CSA next year. The last time we were there was in 2005, and I was wondering if the Atrium suites have a stocked mini-bar now? Or am I misreading the room description?



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    We were there for our second time June 1st. You have to fill out a form and say what you want your bar to be stocked with and they do it the next day. Its stocked with sodas and water etc though at first then the next day our stuff we wanted was there =)

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    Mini-bar, yes.

    TV, still no.

    We stayed in an atrium for the first time this summer, our fifth trip to CSA, and were quite happy with them. Different from the Ocean Verandahs we had stayed in for our previous trips. A bit warmer as the A/C has a little harder time cooling the room with the lack of glass to seal the windows completely. But we liked the bit of fresh air that was available when ever we wanted it. More of the night time sounds in the room as well. All in all we were fine with the atrium room and have reserved one for next summer as well.

    Have a great trip!

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    Yes, the Atruim suites now have a minibar. They were installed during the summer of 2010. Still no television .

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    You have not mis-read the description. I talked live with a rep from Couples and the Atrium suites have now been outfitted with the mini-bars. Our group still decided to move up to the Beach Front Suites. We stayed in the Atrium Suites in 2010 and loved them, you will also.

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    Yes, we had an Atrium suite a few months ago and the mini-bar is now included.

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    Thank so much everyone. We stayed in the Atrium suites in 2005, and I knew they didn't have them then. Glad they added them now. Counting the months

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    No TV... hopefully, never will....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Just got back yesterday and yes, the Atrium suite has minibar now. If you can request a specific atrium, we stayed in 2228 and it was the perfect suite. We actually had a beach view from our porch, very cool!

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