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    Default Dining at night (CSA)?

    Do we need to dress up for every restaurant at CSA at night? I know it's a requirement for Feathers but what about the other restaurants. I'm arriving on Monday

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    The Palms is casual. LemonGrass and Patois Patio are nice venues, so we generally dress for them, although people do wear shorts and t-shirts. I guess for the price we pay to go to CSA, we just feel like dressing nicely for each other for dinner (hubby wears dress shorts and collared shirt, I wear a nice sundress).

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    We usually just wear nice shorts and a nice top to PALMS and Patois but you will see people dressed up as well. Feathers and Lemongrass are the two dressier restaurants but Feathers is the only one that the men have to wear closed toe shoes.

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    We definitely dress up for Feathers and Lemongrass. For the other venues I might wear nice capris and a dressy top and Hubby wears nicer shorts and a tropical shirt. We are at a lovely resort having dinner and enjoy dressing up accordingly. Have a wonderful jealous!

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