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Thread: CTI or CSA?

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    Default CTI or CSA?

    I know you can't go wrong with picking a resort? But CTI or CSA for a wedding, family, and friends? I want to do some excursions too! Melissa

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    depends on wht YOU are looking for and what your guest like. Look at them both and decide you can do excursions from each one
    Randi & Sherri
    (Pork Chop)

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    I think CSA looks like the resort I would like, but I want to do Dunns River's Fall. You can't go to Jamaica and not go there. I was also interested in Bob Marley tour, Zip linning. I think my guests and I would really enjoy CSA. The beach, swim-up pool bar.! Getting married on the private island at CTI looks beautiful! I think I'm leaning towards CSA.

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    CTI has a swim up bar also. Dunns falls is a great excursion to do with a bunch of people. You cant go wrong with either resort.

    Couples Ocho Rios 2005/2006
    CSA 2009/2010/2011/
    2012 x2/2013 x2

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    if your looking for falls mayfield falls is abt 40 min away from CSA and a really nice private tour...
    Randi & Sherri
    (Pork Chop)

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    CSA is the place to have a Wedding. It is the Couples Wedding resort. Lots of things to do, and other resorts around CSA for the single and underage people to stay.
    Irie Mon

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    CSA all the way!...but we are beach people ;0)!

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    Got married at CSA last April and had 8 people join was AMAZING but keep in mind that you will be exhausted because man CSA is bumpin lol. We didnt do hardly any excursions because there was so much to do there at the resort. We are going to CTI this November. CSA got us hooked!

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