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    Default CSS Rooms and Balconies. HELP!

    Hope someone can answer these questions. My husband and I have been to CN twice and loved it, but I'm lookingforward to the excitement of a change AND knowing that the experience will be great.

    That said, I definitely want a room with a balcony. The wording on the Sans Souci page makes it sound like the cheapest rooms have a "covered sitting area" but not neccisarily a balcony. We'd really like on. Any comments?

    In addition, do all the rooms have king size beds. Some old postings mention a king bed OR two twin beds. I assume this is old from when Sans Souci was not part of Couples. What couple would want two twin beds...

    Thanks for your help. We'd like to book a trip for the end of August.

    One last thing, does CSS have night snorkeling? We love that!

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    The only room category that does not have some sort of balcony is the ocean suites. The one bedroom ocean view, ocean veranda, penthouse, and most of the beach front (except those on the ground floor) all have balconies. Some are smaller than others, but depending on what you want, to us they were fine. I would use it to read in the early moringings when I got up. This past year we had the beachfront, but before that we had the one bedroom and then the ocean veranda. We were in D block, and they were both smaller balconies with only a table and 2 chairs. I believe those in E, F, & G have the large balconies, and the penthouse all have a little large balcony. But any room you get is great.

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    Parkersun - If you haven't already, check out the "map and 360 view" that is in the menu under photo gallery...this is how we discovered the the ocean view (lowest grade room) did not have a true balcony. all of them look like they have king size beds... I haven't been to a couples resort yet, but we are planning our wedding for May 2012 at CSS! I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!!

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    Thanks for the responses. I have looked at the 360 view, but couldn't make out what the "covered seating area was..." It sounds like it is not really a balcony.

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    We would love to know about the night snorkeling too!!! Anybody have any info?

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    Default Night Snorkeling

    Yes, there is night snorkeling. It is offered for a fee if people sign up for it in advance. Check with watersports on dates, times and price.

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