Back a couple days now from another FANTASTIC stay at CSA. A little background ... This is my husband and I's 7th trip to CSA, also have stayed at CSS and CTI. We normally go in December and always stay in an Atrium Suite, this year we had to postpone our trip,actually we had to postpone it 3 times so we were really ready to get back to CSA!

No Atriums were available when we booked so I hesitantly booked a Garden Verandah Suite. I will admit I was a little worried that I"d be disappointed with this room. But..I loved our GVS! And this is from a die hard Atrium fan, I mean, I almost didn't book CSA because an Atrium wasn't available.The front desk was very accommodating on putting us in a 2nd floor room in the original section right near where we normally stay in our Atrium . I'd have no problem staying in that same room again. The only real difference(other than the stated glass instead of screens,tvs,and different furniture on verandah) is that the bathroom had a glass ceiling cutting it off to the rest of the room, so it wasn't open like the Atriums. I"m really not sure why they did that, maybe to make all the verandah rooms more similar.. I dont know? And I did hear more road noise when we were sitting on the verandah, but nothing that bothered us or kept us awake, I actually don't think I heard it while in the room.

The main differences from our usual December trip is it was a little warmer in the evenings,the water was a little wamer and we did find the age demographics definitely skewed younger than in December. Also, I think there was a greater mix of nationalities, not as heavily American as in December. At least that was our impression.
This was a short 4 night stay,( we spent 3 nights at Idle Awhile first) so we spent most of our time just relaxing and enjoying being back. Floating was about as far as we got for activity. This was the first time we didn't even cross the street to the Sports Complex. And didn't even feel guilty about it! We had breakfast at the Palms everyday, lunch at Seagrape, Patio or Palms, and dinner 2x at Lemongrass and 2x at Feathers. All great!
I also have to say that we felt the service was better than ever. Really! My husband and I are easy to please, and never had a problem in any of our trips with the service or with some little "quirks" but honestly this trip there seemed to always be someone asking if we needed anything. There was a difference.
Oh and no problem getting chairs in the sun or shade any time of the day. We'd start on the beach by the beach bar in the orginal seciton in the morning and then move later in the day down by the Greathouse.Never a problem. Though the beach down by the Greathouse is a lot smaller than it use to be . Seems some areas of the beach got larger some smaller. All good.
To sum it up... Swept Away is better than ever and I'm already counting down the days until our 8 night stay in December!