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    My fiance and I will be spending our honeymoon at CSA December 11-18th!! This will be our first time out of the country. We are so VERY excited, but a little nervous as well. So any information would be appreciated!! Thanks!

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    Hey there aam10 congrats on the wedding and the honeymoon and thinking if you go back to CSA for your 1 year anniversary, we will be getting married 12/12/12 at CSA so we can meet!!! Dont be's all GOOD!!

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    Ya mon you picked an awesome place CSA rocks. We will be there 11-19 dec for our 13th visit
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    Congratulations on picking CSA for your honeymoon. You made a great choice and IMO picked the best time of the year. Monica and I were married at CSA in Dec 07 and have been fortunate to be able to return for our anniversary every year since. I noticed that you already posted on the Dec 2011 Meetup thread so I'll add you to our list. If you are flying delta from Atlanta you may even be on our return flight.

    By the time this gets posted you'll probably already have lots of advice posted to the meetup thread. I'll put in my two cents on that forum.

    Looking forward to meeting you in Dec.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
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    You are going at a perfect time of the year!!!! It will not be too hot and humid and the sunsets right in front of the resort No need to be nervous. Just be patient when you are dealing with airport in MoBay, they are a little slow moving at times, other times it is a breeze! Fill out the immigrations cards they give on the plane before you land. There will be a someone checking for this before you are allowed to get in line to have your passport stamped.


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    This message board is loaded with good info... just read... read... read.

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    aam10 let me be the first to welcome the two of you to the Couples family! You can find all kinds of advice here on the board so just keep coming back and reading more threads. My best advice is to relax and try all the many things at CSA that are offered such as the excursions and the spa/sports facility. Funny how some people never make it across the street to workout or sit at the smoothie bar and watch a football game on their big screen tv. Spend a few evenings in the Aura Lounge with Ultimate Chocolate at the piano. But my best advice is to treat all of the people that work at CSA like you would an old friend. They will reward you with a big smile and treat you like royality. We'll be there the week before you and will try to leave some Hummingbirds for you to drink. Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA!

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