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    Default SUPRISE to my dear husband..CTI first timers!

    My husband and I got married at CSA and stayed for one week, then we stayed a week at was such an amazing experience that I HAD to come back. This time we are trying CTI....the thing husband doesnt know yet! We are booked for 13 nights (WOW) and paid up for half!!! Its for his birthday November 20th. We are coming in Nov 17 and staying til the 30. We have worked VERY hard this year and I think both of us deserve another taste of Couples. I cant wait to tell him...I'm going to get a birthday card and put the info in and give it to him tonight! Cant wait to see his face when he gets a birthday card in July for one thing...but whats inside will be the real kicker!!!
    Ill let everyone know how it goes!

    Anyone have any suggestions or info for CTI first timers?


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    My suggestions are - while you are over in Ocho Rios, do the Trading Places option and take a look at CSS and of course, go to Dunns River Falls (its included!).

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    Mrs. Hart, that sounds sooooo exciting and he will love it!!! Yes please let us know how it goes!!

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    AWESOEME I am sure he will love it!!!
    Randi & Sherri
    17x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Mrs. Hart - HOW DID IT GO??? That is an awesome gift!!!!!

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