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    Default CN cat cruise- Cat photos?

    Hi all...
    The hubs and I will be heading to CN in Dec. 2011, our first time to Couples! SO excited!
    I am wondering about the cat cruise- while I've read tons of info about it on this board, I was wondering if anyone has photos to share of the catamaran itself? I'm just curious what it's like as we've never been on one.

    Also- I understand they serve beer and rum punch (from what I've read anyway). Wondering if it's ok to bring some other type of alcohol from the resort (from our minibar or wherever), specifically champagne. Is this allowed, or a no-no? Don't get me wrong, I'll be just fine with whatever's available on board but just curious.


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    I hope they have non-alcoholic drinks too.


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    Congrats on your first trip to Couples in Dec! We are going to CN for our 1st time Dec. 16th 2012 and cant wait!!

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    Here's a link to photos from our CN trip and the cat cruise. There are about 15 shots on the boat - these were taken with an older iPhone, so the pic quality isn't great.
    We had a lot of fun that evening!

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    attached are a few shots taken on one of our two cat cruises from April of 2010, our third trip back "home." The cat cruise is one of our most favorite activities, you will love it!!Name:  Catamaran.jpg
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    Hi heth&ryan!

    My boyfriend and I were at CN in May of this year and absolutely loved it!! I posted the only photos I have of the catamaran. The first photo is of the actual boat, the 2nd of the bar on the boat, and the 3rd is where the cat cruise stops to jump in the water! I took a ton of photos on the cat cruise, but mainly of the cliffs and houses it passes.

    I'm not sure about bringing other drinks on board. I'm sure it's not a big deal. Lots of people have water bottles with them. But the rum punch is amazing!! It's worth a try

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