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    Default Booking spa treatments on line

    I was going to book some spa treatments on line and at the end of the process, it asked for a credit card. I was planning to use my spa credits for treatments.

    Has anyone used the on-line booking function for spa treatments? If so, did they actually charge your credit card?

    Pam Brown
    Norman, OK
    Couples Preferred Agency/Couples Specialist

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    You can not use spa credits and book on line.
    Irie Mon

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    I am going thru this ordeal now. We will be going in Sept. I booked online thinking that I can setup our vacation schedule spa treatments ahead of time so we could plan our week and my credit card was charged the $350. I called the office and they are checking into this now as how to remove my credit card charges. I was told the website was setup to book paying customers spa treatments ahead of time, not the early booking promotion, thus the charges. You have to wait until you get to resort to book your spa credits.

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    I have just heard back from the main office. They will remove my charges and the appointments, but due to non-termination clause, I will be charged $50 for the cancellation.

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    That is great that they removed the charges.

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    Glad I read this post, because I had been trying to book our spa services with our credit online and the CN website was not having it. I always reached an error page. Glad I did now. I'll just wait to book them when I get there next week.

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    thanks for the replies.

    I, too, was hoping I could get the appointments booked in advance and be able to pay for them with my credits at the resort. Oh well, so much for trying to get organized ahead of time!!
    Pam Brown
    Norman, OK
    Couples Preferred Agency/Couples Specialist

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