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    Default All Paid Up!

    Well, we are all paid up and can't wait until August 18th to jump on that big plane in San Diego and fly to lovely Newark, then on to Mo Bay....shortly followed by arrival at CN... Really hard to get to Couples from the West coast but well worth the trip.... Work has been a Bit--h for both of us and we really should not go but hey.....we booked this trip over one year ago way we are not going... so 26 days and counting.

    Hoping the AN beach is nice. We know the food will be good. The drinks will flow. We will meet some GREAT people. Then we will have to come back to San Diego and start the wait all over again. It s kinda funny in that we live in a beautiful sunny place but can't wait to go to another beautiful sunny place.

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    Oh Barry, what a yucky route !! It's too bad you couldn't connect through somewhere more on-the-way to Jamaica, like Houston or somewhere. Oh well, the end result is worth all that travel. We arrive at CSS on Aug 1st -- won't be the same w/o you guys !! Have a great trip !!


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    Default Us too

    I booked in March and then paid the balance yesterday so it is now official. CN Sept 10-17. First timers and can't wait. We're even booked for next September. Planning to make CN our new second home.


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    Congrats Bearso on getting that final payment in and I bet you are excited!! Our final payment is Oct 23rd of 2012 so we do!!!

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    I know you will have a great time! We are counting down the days to our CTI Wedding and honeymoon.

    Woot Woot!

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    Congratulations! We're on your tail, leaving Aug. 24. We also hail from So Cal - Huntington Beach, and it's such a pain to get to Couples now that Air Jamaica cancelled these routes. We're flying into Atlanta and then on to MBJ. I can't wait to get to a beach with warm water!

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    JackieMRP - We were originally book to Houston and then they canceled that leg and rebooked us to Newark... Yes totally YUCKIE.... You guys have a blast at CSS... Say howdy to that handsome hung of yours from Patty and me.

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    Congrats, Bearso. We don't have quite the trip you do (KC-Charlotte-Montego Bay). The trip there, no problem mon, coming home.....not so great. Have a wonderful time!

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    Debjes, We usually take the KC-Charlotte-MBJ flight as well. This time, we're trying the flight through ATL that gets in at 11:40. It was cheaper this time and it gets in about 2 hours earlier. Worried about going through ATL though. Charlotte is a no worries airport... Well, except for the bathroom attendants.

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    Jenpatrick, I know what you mean about ATL. Not sure about the airport and I knew Charlotte was no worries. The worst thing about coming back through Atl. was we got in so late at KCI. Have a great time!

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    Bearso-From one Barry to another, I also cannot wait! Hope to meet up with you somewhere on the resort. Come on August 20th!!!

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    I sooo understand how hard it is from the West Coast. There is NOOOOO Good Options from LAS. i have a 5 HOUR!!!!!! Lay over in ATL. Leaving Monday Sept 5th at 10pm arrive at 5am. Then leave ATL at noon to MBJ. CRAZY!!!!!
    My Sister In LAw is going with us and she is leaving LAX and gets there before us because her flight leaves around 11am from CLT.

    I could of went on US airways but it was like 400.00 more. So i rathered save.

    We so need better flights to the Caribbean from LAS. However people come to LAS not leave usually for vacation I guess.

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    We have done the Atl red eye out of SD it was very much like the flight out of LAX. The whole airport is closed until about 6:00 am so you have no food or drink intil then. Then you only have Italian or Burgers to chose from... That Layover is a BI**H!

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    I just paid up today. Big credit card and intra-bank transfer charges so took a huge wad of cash out of one bank, walked a couple of hundred yards to another and handed it over.
    Then went to Waitrose (supermarket in UK) and handed over 8/$12 for a tiny packet of Blue Mountain coffee to celebrate.

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    Default Just got married and now all paid up

    We just got married and I booked for our trip for the end of November way back in March and am now officially paid up, but now the wait........ this is gonna be tuff, but well worth it...... CTI here we come whoooo!!!

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