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    We have been to Couples Negril 4 times. Last year my wife and I ate dinner one evening at the Heliconia Grille. There was a Mussels dish that my wife had and she loved it. She has told friends about Couples Negril and they have gone there and had this mussels dish. We returned again this year. My wife inquired as to when the mussels would be available on the menu. She had been looking forward to this dish all year knowing we would be returning again. We planned our dining options so we could be sure to have this dish again. Thursday night was the big night. To say she was looking forward to this was an understatement. We get seated and Gerold was our server. Mussels are on the menu. Jackpot! My wife orders them and Gerold tells her "I am sorry but instead of the mussels we are serving clams". Without taking her eyes off the menu she grabs Gerold by the arm and says "What?" Gerold apologizes to her and shortly after that the chef herself appeared at our table . My wife tells her the story and she says "Check back with me tomorrow at 3PM I will try to see if I can get some for you. She does like she asked and sure enough she was able to get them for her. At no time did we mention we are 4 time return guests. The fact the the staff went to the trouble to accomodate us speaks volumes about the staff at Couples. We will surely be returning to Couples again!

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    Nice story and another reason why we all love Couples. It didn't matter whether it was your first time or fourth, they treat all guests like valued guests. Great!

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    What a great story! 19 more days for us, and we will be experiencing all CN has to offer.

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    While at the same restaurant, the hostess/manager (Dophia) knew that I liked the Merlot better than the Cabernet house wine so she would routinely go to one of the other restaurants to get a bottle for me. You see, they don't stock the Merlot at the Haleconia. But without hesitation, when she saw my wife and I arrive for dinner, without even asking, she made the trip to another restaurant to get a bottle of my preferred wine. Outstanding service!

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