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    I am a shorts kind of guy and I had a question about dress for the restaraunts. I know at Casanova I must wear dress pants and that is ok. At, Palazzina, am I allowed to wear shorts to dinner or even jeans maybe? Thanks!! First time to Couples and can't wait!!

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    Jeans are too hot, even in Jan. Hubby wears them down there, changes into shorts right away and doesn't put them on until he has to to go home. He wears long pants for dinner where he has to, but then often changes back into shorts afterwards if it's too warm. So if he doesn't have to wear long pants he doesn't. Just be sure to take some nice, dressier shorts for dinner and dress them up with a nice button up short sleeve shirt and you'll be fine. Just save the swim shorts or board shorts and t-shirts for the beach.

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    Welcome to CSS. You will love it.

    I believe you can wear shorts to Palazzina. I would not recommend jeans. It usually stays quite warm in the evening (at last mid 70's) most evenings. The only time we had a problem in 3 December visits was last year when the whole hemisphere was cold, then I needed a sweater. (here at home unless it is in the mid 70's or above I am always cold.)

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    there's no reason to pack jeans...seriously you'll never wear them. shorts are fine.

    seriously, leave the jeans home. they're just going to take up room in your bag

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    i'm with you on the shorts, that's all i wear at home when i'm not at work. you can wear nice shorts to palazina w/o an issue. i would imagine you could wear jeans if you wanted to (i don't know that is specifically says not to), but it's way too hot to do that in my book. all that said, when my wife and i were there in may we enjoyed dinner at cassanova so much we ended up going back again the following night and i happily wore pants again to do so.

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    My hubby to be loves cargo shorts...khaki color or black color...with a polo shirt. Does that work?

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    Casanova requires long pants, NO JEANS allowed. I found out the hard way when I went up with expensive quality shorts as was told I had to change into long pants. All the other restaurants are fine with quality shorts and polo shirts.

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    Yes nice shorts are acceptable at pallazina!!

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    My wife and I went to CSS for 7 days last October and we both packed one nice outfit (her a elegant dress, me a suit) which we wore for a dinner night at Cassanovas. I wore shorts the rest of the week, and it was perfect. If I remember right, they just dont want open toe sandals for men at dinner at the pallazina...but i might even be mistaken on that.

    We are going back in october and I will do the same nice shorts and beach clothes

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