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    Default Rooms At CN, pls help

    We are planning on staying at CN in January 2012 and getting married there, but we can't decide if we should upgrade to the deluxe beachfront or just stay with the gardenview. I have read other messages and some say that you can't really see the ocean. We wanted to be able to see and hear the ocean from our room. Anyone have some input they can share, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    You really won't be able to hear the ocean from your room....and you will be so close to it (or in it) all day and won't need to worry about it. The set up of the resort has the rooms at angles and some have a pretty decent view but doubt they can hear it. Save the money and go with the garden view.

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    The water in the bay is so calm that you will not be able to hear it from your room from any building. You can see the beach and water through the palm trees from the beachfront. We stayed in a deluxe beachfront in May and loved the proximity to the beach and to the resturants and lobby. Hopefully can get the same building when we return in May 2012.

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    You won't hear the ocean from any room at CN. The sea is very calm and there is no surf. You cannot hear it when you are on the beach itself.
    The deluxe beachfront is not really on the beach.....I have only stayed in the beachfront suite but altho it is very near the beach it is not "front on to the beach". If you look at the layout of CN, it might help you decide.
    Congrats on your forthcoming wedding

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    Hi Summer01,

    Personally, I don't think it's worth the money to upgrade. The rooms are set at an angle to the ocean so you will not have an actual head on view of the ocean. We stayed in a gardenview and were perfectly happy

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    If you really wanted to see and hear the ocean from your room then why did you book a gardenview in the 1st place? And just to let you know, the "ocean" is a bay and there aren't really any waves so you most likely won't "hear" the ocean.

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    Go to CSA and stay beach front.

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    If it were my wedding and honeymoon, I'd go for the Beacfront SUITE, but that's just me.

    Otherwise, all the other rooms at CN are identical in layout and size. With that, and with CN being a relatively smaller property, room location isn't that big of a deal. None of the rooms face the ocean directly, so keep that in mind too. The BF SUITE gives the best view of the sea. The only reason we have a Deluxe Beachfront booked for December is because when we booked, Couples was offering Deluxe Beachfront rooms for the price of the Deluxe Garden rooms.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I agree with Bektar - I read that alot on this board before we booked there so that helped us decide to book the garden room. In my opinion, with the buildings being set at an angle, they aren't really "beachfront' rooms..more like a partial ocean view...i guess unless you were lucky enough to get the front corner rooms! We had a garden view room a few weeks ago in building 2....location was great and overlooked the pond and spa...we were hardly in there, or on the balcony, so it didnt matter to us enjoy and congrats!

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    We just came home from CN on sunday. We stayed in a Garden View room, 2nd floor. The view of the gardens, ponds and tropical trees was absolutely gorgeous!! As for hearing the ocean? All we could hear were the zillions of tree frogs lol. I don't know if the frogs are our year-round, but I bet that even IF u could get a room facing the ocean directly, with no tress, that you still wouldnt hear the ocean mostly beacause of what everyone else said (calm water), but also because of the serenading frogs in the background. Don't get me wrong though, I'm a camper, so I loved the sounds....very peaceful and calming for me.

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    Thank you all for all of your input it was greatly appreciated.. I also had forgotten that it was a bay. Safe Travels.

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    We love beachfront, buildings 5 or 6, and first floor. Our toes are immediately in the sand.

    That being said, all the rooms are wonderful, gorgeous views of the gardens and just steps away from the beach. Others are right that you can't hear the's too calm and still for that.

    Congratulations and no worries...all will be wonderful with whatever decision you make.

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    The ocean front rooms are more for the luxury. The bathrooms are huge and there is much more space. You can see the ocean but if you're paying so that you can hear it, re-book for a different room. None of the rooms are bad and actually the ocean front rooms are way further away from everything. We loved our ocean front room but if we go back we will probably stay in a garden view.

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    Here is the view from a Deluxe Beachfront in Building 6:

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    DH and I stayed in a deluxe beachfront room on our honeymoon 2 years ago. While there wasn't a direct view of the beach (like, look out your door from your bed and see the beach) you could see the beach directly when you stood on your patio. Two of the things we liked most about having the room were 1. having room service delivered and watching the water as we ate our breakfast on our patio and 2. since we were on the first floor, we could just walk into our room from the beach through the patio door... so convenient!

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    We've heard the sounds of the waves Bloody Bay on many stays, so we have a disagreement with some of the above posts.

    On the balcony in several different non-suite rooms on the beach end of block 1 (as well as 2 of the suites, and one would assume the 3rd) we've enjoyed breakfast on the balcony listening to the waves and the birds.
    In a block 6 suite we also could hear them IN the room.

    The calmness, or lack thereof, of the bay surely has an impact but there were usually light, infrequent waves when we've been.

    It may be better expectation-setting-wise to assume that one is unlikely to hear the sounds of the waves, but to state that you can never hear it is simply incorrect.

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    The frogs at night will drown out the sound (not much of any) that comes from Bloody Bay. We upgraded the first time we went and then when we went back for our wedding we did not upgrade at all. Both times we had great rooms. Save some money for something else.

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    We stayed in a deluxe beach front our first time to CN. It was nice, but had only a partial view of the bay. We enjoyed being able to walk off our balcony and straight to the sand. We were able to check out a garden view room, and decided that we would save the money and book a garden view on our return trip. Enjoy your trip, you cant go wrong.

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    I agree with rudi. We heard the waves this July on many occasions from our room. I think it just depends on the weather and storm patterns.

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