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    Default CTI for the day?

    We plan on doing the trading places from CSS TO CTI for the day. What are some of the things that we must do, must eat, must try? For all you CTI fans, thank you in advance.

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    Sweet Potato chips and dip from the veggie bar at the beach, beef patties from the pool grill. Take a walk over to the spa and see the Buddha pool. Sit for a few minutes on a lounger there and enjoy the surroundings. Take a trip over to the island. Don't like it, go back to the dock and head back to the beach. Walk into the Piano Lounge if it's open and look at the photos on the wall. Sit in the lobby and look out over the ocean enjoying the ocean breezes. Otherwise, sit back relax and enjoy.

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    Just chill at the island. It's a very special experience. They bring food out there at lunch time or you can hop the boat to the mainland for lunch and then come back if you want. We love both resorts but the island is the reason that CTI is our favorite. Have a great trip!

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    YOu will not be @CTI for dinner Only breakfast and lunch. Go to the veggie bar. to enjoy some of the interesting healthy lunch and snack. Try the snaack bar if you want to splurge don't forget to try the onion rings,while they are not the best chioce for something healthy whey are greeat. Use both pools and all the hot tubs. Have a drink at the swim up bar. Take a walk to the Bayside restaurant while it is not open during the day you can go to it to get some great pictures of the hotel

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    Thank you, they are all great suggestions. I will definitely try the Island.

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    Gray, we highly recommend staying for lunch on the Island (if you go AN). The food is fantastic, salads, fresh fish, chicken, you name it. We'll be there in 14 days, can't wait.

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