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    I have read some reviews that CTI is Loud at night?? Is this true? I need help! Thanks!

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    You can hear the music on the terrace, and if there is a show too. However, the "noise" stops between 10 or 11. With your doors closed in the main building or the far building, you won't have an issue.

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    Loud? It is totally the opposite. We have stayed at CTI 3 times now and are going back for 4th next month and can't wait for the tranquil evenings and listening to the ocean waves while we sleep. I get the best sleep ever when I am at CTI. Not sure if it is the sun, the rum or the comfy beds but I sleep like a baby!! You will not have a problem with noise.

    Ralph & Roberta
    Syracuse, NY
    COR 9/1982, CTI 9/2007, CTI 9/2009, CTI 9/2011

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    We just returned from CTI on Saturday. Our room was right off the lobby and we had no issues with noise. I think once I heard someone walking down the hall talking loudly, but that was in the morning. Go and enjoy. Tower Isle is a wonderful resort. This was our 7th time down there.
    Jean & Ron J

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    I've occasionally read that the music can be heard in rooms in building 2 or maybe 3, but we were in building 4 and never heard it. The only thing we sometimes heard were drunk couples laughing and talking loudly walking down the hall late at night. The sound really carries down the hallways. We were on the first floor so everyone passed our room to get to the elevator or building 5.
    If you're an early to bed, light sleeper, and are concerned about noise, I'd suggest building 4 or 5 and at least the 2nd floor.

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    We have stayed at CTI only one time and are going back in 79 days! I didn't find it to be loud at night. It may also depend on where your room is located. If you're worried about noise keeping you awake... don't ~ even if there is a little noise... you'll be so exausted from the day, you'll sleep through anything!

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    We were at CTI in July for the past 6 years, except the year they were closed and it is not loud. Maybe the mean the band that plays until 10 or so pm. You do not hear them in you room.
    Irie Mon

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