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    Default 37 days and worried???!!!

    I am sooooo praying everyday that the weather is perfect arriving Sept 6th-13th. We have been so in need of this Trip to CSA. My husband is turning 40 and we are bringing along two other couples to celebrate and relax. Please pray that the weather will be perfect and no TS or H. I want even say the words. We live in LAS Vegas and in Desperate need of trees, beach, and water..... ok sand too, but only white. We have a two year old and have not had a couples only vacation since before we conceived. It did take 9 years to conceive, but we miss vacation without the little just a little bit. It is about time to rekindle our relationship.


    What are some great things to do while at CSA- I have read all the activities and would like to know your favorites

    Scuba Diving? Not certified do you have to have a physcian sign for everyone or just the people who have medical conditions?

    Catamaran- It says sunset, but only saw 330 cruise? So is it sunset and scuba or both? Also is it everyday or only two days a week and if so what days.

    How do you receive resort credit after your first stay? i did sign up for romance points so confused on it.



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    There are lots of activities available at CSA (as you have read), but my favorite is really just relaxing on the beach with a drink in my hand! Each time we head to Couples, we plan a few activities we may like to do, but we don't plan exactly what we are going to do until we get there. Sometimes, we don't do anything "extra".

    Scuba Diving - Only those with a medical condition listed on the check list must ok'd by a physician. This is quite expensive in Jamaica, so I would strongly suggest taking a doctor's note with you.

    Catamaran - This is actually a sunset cruise, not scuba. You leave in the afternoon and head out to the cliffs. They stop and let you swim in the caves for while before heading back. I really can't remember how many days this is available, but you will want to check shortly after your arrival and reserve your space because it does fill up rather quickly.

    Romance Rewards - Your nights should credit automatically within 30 days (I believe) of your trip, as long as you give your RR number at check in. Just check your account online and if it doesn't credit, send an email and it will be taken care of.

    I hope you guys have a wonderful trip!

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    Don't worry to much about those two little words. Who knows you might come back with another little surprise IF you do have a little more liquid sunshine then expected ;-)

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    Last November we left just as the last H was going through the area and we stressed for days on end before FOR NOTHING! Don't worry about things you have no control over!!
    Our favorite outing is the snorkeling as it doesn't take much time away from our precious beach time but we get to enjoy it as many days as we'd like. The Catamaran is lots of fun too, don't miss out on it! At CN there is a "Tye and Dye" where you make your own tie dyed Tshirt for 8 dollars which is a fun and very individualized souvenier, I would guess they have the same at CSA since it is just down the road! It's worth it to have something you made yourself while at Heaven on Earth!
    Enjoy your trip, don't go looking for things to worry about before you head out to Paradise!!

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