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    Default Any April 2011 couples receive their official documents yet?

    We were married at CSA on April 26, 2011. Has anyone married around this time received their certified copies of the marriage license from Jamaica yet? It's a pain to not be able to officially change my name yet.
    Thanks for any info from anyone!

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    We got married on April 8th, 2011 and have not received our certified documents yet. I was able to officially change my name with social security, DMV, work, and all my bank accounts with the certificate I received in Jamaica. The only thing left is to change my passport!

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    We just received our documents yesterday. It took about 14 weeks to get them. They sent us 2 copies. Now its time to get my new passport, so I'm set for our 1 year anniversary trip back next April!

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    I was also married at CSA on the 26th. I just received my documents in the mail this week

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    We were married on May 6 and just received our marriage certificate July 28

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    We were married April 4th and I received them mid July.

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