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    Default TimAir to Sans Souci

    Does anyone have info on Cab fare to Sans Souci if we ride TimAir or AirLink to Ocho Rios?

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    Default Cab ride from Ocho Rios airfield

    If I remember correctly, the cab ride was included, but I may be wrong. We paid the driver, but don't remember if it was a tip or the fare or both!...Either way, TimAir was a great experience. Don't use TimAir to get to CSS earlier than others. I think we got to CSS the same time as the shuttle from the airport. But, it is a must if you want to enjoy a private flight over the coastline of Jamaica. Our pilot was even tilting the plane to one side so we can see the beaches of Jamaica....Kind of crazy, but fun!


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    Thanks. How long is the flight?

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    Default Flight times

    I want to say the flight wasn't long...25 mins maybe?.....It took longer to get on the plane, taxi, then land and wait for the taxi to CSS than the flight. But it was still worth it.
    Have a great time!

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