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    Default Singer AJ Brown at Couples SS?

    We have been to Jamaica many times and have heard AJ Brown perform at different resorts. Has anyone seen him perform at Couples SS? He is a great singer and hopefully to see him at CSS sometime between Dec 1-14th. If management or anyone sees this thread let us know if he will be there for sure.

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    Yes, AJ Brown has appeared @ CSS. We saw him about 2 years ago at the Starlite Gala. He is terrific.
    CSS alternates there enterianters, they never appear 2 weeks in a row. This way if some is staying for 2 Friday nights the show is different each week for the Starlite gala

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    We just saw AJ Brown on Friday night, Nov.5.

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    We saw him on 5th November too and he is brilliant! Such a range of music styles too! We bought his one of his CD's, several of which are available from the on site shop. Enjoy! BTW, you can join his fan club on facebook.

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    We saw him in September at the Gala. He was great.

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    He was at CSS on December 17th. Very entertaining.

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    AJ played at the last two Starlight Gala's we went to in Dec of 2009 & 2008. I love him he's the best he belongs in vegas for sure!!! I was SO HAPPY that it was him in 2009 as we used the Starlight Gala as our vow renewal reception and it was just too fantastic!!!! What a memory and I have it all on DVD thanks to the fantastic Couples resort photographer
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    AJ Brown was at the Gala Jan. 21st 2011. The resort has made him tone down "The Big Bamboo" song

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    He was there the last time we were there and he is a great entertainer, hope he's there for our trip this year. Missed last year, hope to have enough fun for two years.

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    AJ Brown did the Gala on the 3rd or 4th of Feb (whatever that Friday was). Absolutelt fantastic show. Was blown away by his range of songs, and hope many more CSS visitors get to see him.

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    I sure do hope he's there in May while we are there. Had a great time dancing. He is a truly great entertainer.

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    Default AJ Brown Request?

    We will be at CSS Feb 4th to 11th 2012 for our first time.

    Is there a way to put in an advance request for AJ Brown?

    We have seen him many times before. Most in our group would like to see him at CSS.

    Any ideas or info?


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    We arrived yesterday and went to the gala. AJ Brown was the entertainer. He was great. We will be here next Friday also, will find out then if he is here 2 weeks in a row.

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    Sorry I cannot update if AJ was there yesterday. It rained out the gala on the lawn and was move to Pallazina. Not the same ambiance. A lot of people left after eating as enterainment started later. We also left as we are leaving this morning to go home.

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