Hi All,

This is my first post on the Couples Message board. I have read all of the great advice from everyone including information on splitting time at two resorts. My husband and I are saving for our 10th anniversary and we want to go to CSA. In my research I have been loving Sans Souci for its beauty and the fact that it's quieter, but I still really want to go to CSA and so does my hubby. Since it's unlikely we'll get to vacation like this that often I'd hate to miss either of these.

Here's my plan:

1) 6 nights at CSA first. From my research this should give us enough time to enjoy most if not all of the restaurants and do some of the outings (will come out to ~4 full days).

2) 4 nights at Sans Souci second. We might not do many outings but instead relax and enjoy the scenery and serenity of the place before we have to fly home.

First question: Does this sound doable and do you think my husband and I will be able to enjoy both properties sufficiently for our first times?

Second question: Will we still fly home from MBJ airport if we're coming from Ocho Rios?

Lastly: Will CSA provide transport for free to CSS as I've read on this board still? (How long of a drive will it be?)

Thanks for all the help. :-D

Event though it's ~3 years away I'm so excited!!