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    Default Help!! What unique gift do you get groomsmen in Jamaica?

    We are an older (30's) couple getting married at CSA in November. We didn't want to do the typical flasks, or wallet clips or wallets or you know typical gifts. What does anyone recommend? We want to give a meaningful gift because they are coming to Jamaica but we don't want the usual gifts..

    HELP! We only have three groomsmen so we only need three gifts but I'm clueless on what to get!
    Thoughts??? Recommendations??? Anyone!!!!???

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    matching ray ban sunglasses make a great gift and a cool photo op think old school club masters

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    Well, you will be in Jamaica! You can get them something local. You can get them spa treatments (yes, guys like 'em too ) ). You could arrange an excursion for just the guys - there are so many things to do in Jamaica and such an opportunity to get them something special/related to Jamaica )

    If you really truly want to get them something you buy and take with you, what about a small piece of luggage or some sort of travel item for the trip? You can even have it monogrammed so it's personal.

    Or, what do these guys like? Camping? Sports? Could you get a special cooler for their beer when they go camping or a jersey for their favorite team/player?

    I could list tons of things but I'm sure you'll get some great suggestions or be able to come up with something. Or, as I say...when in doubt-google it! Lol! - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    We bought our groomsmen reef flip flops. The ones with the bottle opener. All of the guys loved them!

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    Might be able to find some cool, unique stuff on Etsy >

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    Thanks Everyone.. those are great idea's.... I'm worried about all my stuff we have to pack!

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    I like the idea of ray can also go to the Couples Living site which has camp shirts and golf shirts with the couples logo on it....

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    Herrington Catalog carries Hawaiian shirts that feature NFL, college football, and MLB teams. The shirts are appropriate to wear at the resort but would also be personal b/c you'd select each groomsman's favorite team. I gave my brother a Michigan shirt from Herrington a couple of years ago; he loves it and wears it frequentlly in the summer.
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    CIGARS. The resort has a free shuttle into a couple of shopping areas, and you can get some good ones. Maybe add a cigar clipper and lighter?

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