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    Default CSS Room Recommendations

    We will be at CSS August 20th and have booked a one bedroom ocean suite. We are hoping for a nice large, private balcony and are not concerned about the amount of steps. I know we can't make room requests ahead of time but when we arrive, what specific room should we ask for (or what block)?

    Fire away any and all suggestions. Thanks!

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    Just wanted to say have a fabulous time, and I am sorry no one answered you. We always stay in beachfront suites. and remember you can always ask for another room if the one they give you isnt too your liking,

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    We have stayed in a 1 bedroom ocean suite in G block and had a lovely private balcony in G-8, we can also recommend G-14 & G-16. You could always ask at check-in if any of these are available, can't hurt to ask!

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    Default Room choice/Room blocks

    You will LOVE CSS. We've been there twice and plan to return, hopefully, this Fall. If you look at the property map provided by Couples San Souci - you will see the area of the one bedroom ocean suites. That will indicate the block you will be located. We've stayed in a one bedroom beachfront suite and a one bedroom ocean verandah suite. Both were wonderful, but we preferred the ocean verandah suite location. It is not as convenient because of the walking, but the whole apt. was wonderful and the verandah large, gorgeous, private and romantic! In terms of the walking - just a note - you can walk out your back entry stairs to the main parking lot and walk down to all the activities, rather than up and down the stairs along the waterfront. Though - the exercise will be good for you after all the wonderful food and refreshments!
    This is a unique property, which makes it so special. We've travelled all over the caribbean, but we fell in love with this amazing property not only because of the lovely Jamaican people (happy and singing a great deal - so refreshing!) but also the property. The grounds are amazing; the beach areas - lovely - more intimate than huge, long beaches - there are little coves; the peaceful pond area; the unique salt pool; the views; only 150 rooms - small and better service; the included excursions - go to Dunns Rivers - lots of fun; excellent food.......I could go on and on. No, it is not a party place, but you can connect and reconnect with your partner in wonderful surroundings.
    Any questions......just ask. I can't say enough about this place. It's pretty special.

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    We have stayed in D block and loved it, however, the balconies in the 1 bedroom ocean view suites are not very big. They are the smaller ones. I believe they are bigger in any of the other blocks. The first year we stayed I had been expecting a large balcony, and got the smaller one, so when we were up by the lobby, I asked them about it, they told me it was a one bedroom. We kept it anyway because it was right in the middle of the lobby and the beach, so it made it easier for my hubby who has COPD.

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    Default IBR Ocean Suite

    We have been in G (Gardenia) block both times we reserved this room category (1 Bedroom Ocean Suite). Our first stay was on the ground level, which was nice after the steps, and the 2nd time our room was up 1 level, which had a better bathroom. The bedrooms, extra room, views and balconies were essentially the same. I think once you find a room category you like, no matter which room you are placed in, you will be happy. But if you aren't you can always ask for another option :-)

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