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    Hello fellow message board friends. I was looking over the website and can't find a link for photography prices. We are getting married 11/11/11 and was wondering if anyone can give me some insite on how much we can get for our money, so we can plan accordingly. I really want to purchase more than the 12 5x7's that come with the $1000 package. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Mandy and Mike

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    These were the prices back in May when I got married there.

    24 Photos- 300
    36 Photos- 400
    24 Photos- w/VHS 450
    24 Photos- w/DVD 500
    36 Photos- w/VHS 550
    36 Photos- w/DVD 600
    *Deluxe pack w/VHS 610
    *Deluxe pack w/DVD 650

    I would recommend contacting Debbie (the stateside wedding cordinator) for the most up to date prices.

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    Thank you so much. All the information you've provided is very helpful. I will definitely give Debbie a call as well.

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