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    Default Which Resort Should We Choose, Please HELP!

    Hi all,

    My wife and I have never visited any of the couples resorts, but they look amazing. We have decided we are going to book a vacation with them, but we just can't decide which of the four to choose!

    Any insight you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you Couples Resorts Veterans!

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    You should chose the one that calls to you. Do you find you keep looking at one over the others? Can't stop looking at those great rooms or the cliffside views,etc.? It helps narrow down things you are looking for in a vacation such as beach quality, size of the resort, exercise facilities, access to the public (or not), AN beaches, room styles, availability of room service. We started by deciding which side of the island we wanted to see, and we chose Negril because the beach is very important to us. Then we went back and forth between CSA and CN, finally chosing CN because it was smaller (ie, less guests to share with!) and we liked the semi-public beach which allows us to walk a decent distance but not be bombarded with 30 resorts worth of people and vendors strolling by. Some people really like this outside action, for us, we prefer quiet and calm. CN itself has a very laid back vibe that just speaks to us! The second we arrived we knew we made the right choice. Returning for our 3rd trip in 15 days!! Can't wait. For what it's worth, if we ever try another resort I think it will be CSS due to the tropical landscaping and secret hideaways I've read about.
    Everyone has a favorite, you just have to find yours!

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    Try narrowing it down by eliminating the one or two that are not calling to you. If you want the soft sands, you might want to head to either CSA or CN. If you want gorgeous scenery, you might try CSS. One thing is for certain, regardless of where you go - it will be fabulous. We have tried CSA, CSS, and CN. We have decided that we are beach people so now we only have to choose between CSA and CN. We have enjoyed both and in 76 days we'll be trying CSA again!

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    If you're "beach people" then CN or CSA is the place for you ..... If you are more interested in scenery, than CSS may be more for you. We've been to CSA, CSS, & CN (not made it to CTI) but LOVE CN the most & have been there 4X with #5 coming up soon ..... that beach on the bay is PERFECT & the pool area with swim-up bar is PERFECT & the more compact resort is PERFECT & the staff is PERFECT ..... I know nothing is "perfect" but CN is as close as you're gonna get in my opinion .... Of course others on this board will argue ..... which is fine because we don't want everyone going to 1 resort or we'd never get a room ..... The pictures on Couples website are real so go with the one that appeals to you .... You really won't be disappointed ..... And ..... Next year, you can try a different resort ...... All is GOOD.

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    It would help if you mentioned some of the things you are looking for most in your vacation. What is most important to you?

    Beautiful beach? CN or CSA
    Tennis Program? CSA
    AuNatural Sunbathing option? CN, CSS, CTI
    Lots of places to see along the beach during a long walk? CSA
    Watersports? CN or CSA (calmer wind and water results in fewer 'red flag' cancellations)
    Each resort includes different 'excursion' type activities too, so look at those and see what appeals to you.

    If there are 'must haves' or 'dealbreakers' for your vacation let the folks here know what they are and you will be surprised and how much valuable experience people can share with you here.
    Have a great trip!

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    What are top priorities for you in a resort? The beach, activities, in-room dining, etc? I think that will help us make a recommendation. Each are different but amazing, so you won't go wrong in your choice! When I chose CTI (COR when we were married there) I went based on the Dunns River Falls trip and horseback riding, and knew it was a better fit for us then CSS. We are returning to CTI in October and excited to see the remodel! Next trip we've decided to check out CN!

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