My fiance and I have been looking at CTI for several months now for our honeymoon in September (getting married on the 09/10/11!!!) We've been watching the sales and special offers each week because we are on a tight budget, but CTI really is our top and only pick for where we want to spend our honeymoon -- it looks so amazing. This morning I was feeling extra courageous and decided to book our trip before it's too late. I went looking through CTI's list of what all is included again, just to sort of convince myself to just GO FOR IT! and I guess I came to a website I hadn't found before. It said the inclusions for honeymooners (complimentary his/her massage, champagne) are only valid for those staying 6+ nights. This was a bummer because we really can't afford to stay more than 5 nights (were planning on booking Sept. 19 - 24).

I was just wondering if anyone has found this to be true or untrue? Do you really only get a couple's massage if you stay 6 nights or more? I know there are tons of other wonderful inclusions, but we were really looking forward to that one!

Thanks in advance!!!