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    Default Couples Logo pendant?

    My wife and I love Couples Resorts. I wanted to get her a Couples Logo (twisted palm trees) pendant or charm for her birthday. I was wondering if anyone had every purchased one or knew where I could get her one online.



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    I got my wife the charm for Christmas. It's available from their online store.
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    it's all about the kids

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    Not sure, but try the Couples Shop. There is a go to on the bottom of this page.

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    Hi Rich!

    I purchased one at the Couples gift shop...not the regular one but the one with all the Couples Logo things! I love it! Its sterling silver and very good quality, not at all cheap. I wore it the entire week we were there in and out of the water and after a little polishing its good as new!

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    I bought one at CSA in April and it was around 90 dollars?

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    Hi, My husband bought me one this year in the gift shop at CN. I love it!!

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    I was going to suggest booking another trip and getting one at the gift shop for her. It's slightly more expensive then just getting it from the couples online store.

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    I won second place in the bi-monthly photo contests run on the "photo contest" board last year and received two of the silver twisted palm pendants as my winnings. I believe they are the same ones sold in the resort gift shops and they are beautiful!! I wear one of the pendants most of the time on a silver necklace I purchased for it and constantly get compliments on it!! I think I am going to get a silver anklet to put/wear the second one on this coming summer.

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    I bought 2 of the twisted palm pendants at the dress shop at CN a couple of years ago & put them on a pair of small hoop earrings & wear them that way .... love them .... They were only $25 each at that time, if I remember right.

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    Thanks everyone. I did see the one on Couples Living but the photo wasn't the greatest so I wasnt too sure. We are going in 15 days to CTI so I will hit the gift shop.

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    ooooh, I want one too!

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