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    Default Superbowl February 2011

    Hello All - Hubby and I are booked for CSA for February 2012. We stayed here this past April and Hubby saw pics from a superbowl party that was held in the past at CSA. He decided right then and there that he "had to be there for Superbowl". Has anyone been there during a superbowl in the past? What can he look forward to? Only 172 days to go!!!
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    We were at CSA for the Colts/Bears superbowl a few years ago. The set up a big screen TV on the beach, and have snacks and beer. They also had balloons in the team colors. Best way to watch a Superbowl ever.

    We were at CSA this past January for the AFC and NFC championship games. We watched the first part of the AFC game at the Sports Bar (it was pretty empty), then we went over to the Aura Lounge to watch the second half. They had a party set up in the Aura Lounge.

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    Just like Bobandjudy says, best time ever!

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