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    Default Hurricane Irene

    Just sitting at home in NJ and looking at projected tracking of Hurricane Irene. I can't tell you how many times I tracked hurricanes that were headed to JA and started my prayers well in advance and now we have one going to hit the east coast of the US. For any of you that are currently at Couples and live from NC to NJ NYC and you are due to arrive here on Sunday, you may want to just go ahead and book your extra day at Couples now as it's not looking very good. Category 2 to hit NY metro area on Sunday. It's been a while for us in the northeast and hope all are prepared... Ah yes, I already feel the prayers coming the other way...thank you mon.

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    Our prayers are for all those affected by this storm.

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    Good luck to you all, I hope everyone's stuff makes it through the storm safely! I am from the Panhandle of Florida and am quite experienced in the hurricane world. Just remember, lots of batteries, flash lights, candles, battery operated radio, non perishable food, etc. Your power is bound to go out. Stay Safe!

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    We are ready as we can be on Long Island. Hope everybody in her path is safeand we can all meet for a drink at the pool bar to share storm stories in Oct.

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    Sitting here in N.J. also, my advice to those in Jamaica coming home this weekend book another WEEK!

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    Default Still here in Paradise . . .

    We leave for New Jersey on Tuesday, hopefully our house will be still standing, as we live just 15 miles inland from the beach!! We're praying for our family . . . Keep safe

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