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    Default Dress Code for Casanova at CSS?


    We are headed to CSS in a few days and I am looking for a little info on the dress code for Casanova. The website says "Resort Chic" which is defined as no jeans or flip-flops. But, it does not say anything about what you must wear; as in long pants for men or sandals vs. dress shoes. Can any of you let me know if dress shorts, nice shirt and nice sandals are allowable? We are trying to pack as light as possible, but we definitely want a meal or two at Casanova.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    NO. Its long pants, collared shirts and no sandals.

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    For men, sandals are ok if they are the dressy, closed toe type. Boat shoes, like Sparrys, are totally fine, and the pants don't need to be so dressy like suit pants. They can just be cotton (but not real casual cargo types).

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