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    Default Has anyone used the intra air link?

    we are arriving on Wednesday, august 24th and have used tim air in the past but love the price of the new service. Has anyone used before? Tried emailing our reservation and keep get message back from mail demon just wanted to make sure this is legit before booking and paying online. Single digit dance can officially start today- csa in 9 days!!

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    Yes, we used it in April of this year. We flew to CN, perfect flight, one other couple in plane with us. You don't necessarily have to book in advance, we didn't. Had to wait maybe 15 minutes and we arrived on a Saturday.

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    Should be legit as couples has them listed on their site!!! Good luck let us know as their price is a tad bit more affordable than that of tim air.

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    We used them in February coming out of Negril. It was a brand new plane and the smell of the leather was amazing. We had the entire flight to ourselves and felt like celebrities. We've previously used TimAir, but from now on Int'l AirLink is our choice. Heading back in October and can hardly wait!!!!!!!!

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    It's more affordable, but they have flights scheduled at specific times throughout the day. You may have to wait for an hour or more for your flight. If you call in advance, Tim Air will have a plane ready when you arrive at the airport. To me, it's worth the few extra dollars.

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    We always take the shuttle to the resort and fly back to Mobay. We used Timair for years and always enjoyed their flights with Curtis. Last April we decided to try International AirLink and it was great. We too had a new plane and the pilot was very professional. He wasn't Curtis but we saved some money and the scheduled return flight worked into our scheduled flight back home.


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    Thanks for the feedback everyone!!!!

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    Anyone here remember when AirLink was one of the airlines competing with TimAir before? AirLink and Air Negril and even AirJamaybe Express were all flying the same routes at TimAir and competition was good for prices for sure. It was good time for the rates and for the flights, especially since the road to Negril had not been improved at all at that time (this meant 2 hours and sometimes up to 3 hours by bus to Negril!).

    The reason I ask is that one of my most memorable moments in Negril was flying into the Negril Aerodrome one day to find that the AirLink flight ahead of us had slid off the runway and crash-landed into the swampy morass area there. Thankfully no one was hurt, everyone walked away. There used to be an old fire truck that sat there are the air strip and the one time I ever saw anyone try to move it they couldn't get it started. Thanks to no one getting hurt this remains a good memory rather than a bad one. I wish I could remember when this was but I can really only narrow it down to about 10 to 15 years ago. Any other long-time Negril visitors remember this incident?

    For those of you thinking the wrong thing at this point.... the AirLink that is flying today is not the same. The old AirLink was out of business for years before the current incarnation of it began flying the scheduled flights they fly now. So don't mistake this for a warning about their safety... I'm sure they are just as safe as the others.
    I will say that then and now TimAir is my choice due to the sheer convenience of the charter and the way they handle your charter reservations.

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