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    I have a SR Question...if we would book the SR, do you have a chance to upgrade once you get there if we don't like the room we were assigned?

    For example...if we get assigned to CTI and they put us in a garden view room, could we upgrade to one of the ocean view rooms if it is available? And if so, what is the cost difference? Is it the difference between what you paid for the SR and the current rate or what the going rate is for the room your assigned and the room you want to upgrade to?

    I understand the whole SR process, but we're thinking about doing the SR to save money, but really don't want to get assigned to a garden view room at CTI (if that's where we're assigned) since we know that most of their rooms are ocean view. I know...kind of missing the point of the SR by being picky, but I was just wondering!

    Has anyone done a SR and been able to upgrade once you've arrived?


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    If there are rooms available you can upgrade, but kinda defeats the purpose of SR and saving $. You would be paying the current difference in price.
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    You actually pay the difference in price of the room they have you booked in , and the current price of the upgraded room. It is not the difference between the SR price and the upgraded room. So it is actually still a good deal. You can call Couples reservations before your travel date to see if an upgraded room is available and pay the difference at that time. The price of the garden room and an ocean view room at CTI is not that much difference, and YES it is worth it !

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    Thank you schwieso...that's what I was hoping to hear!! Just wondering in case we bookedd it and happened to get CTI since most of the rooms are oceanview...I would be dissapointed getting a Garden view!


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