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Thread: What happened??

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    Default What happened??

    I don't think that the question concerning the color and font has been asked. If it has, I apologize. But I would like to know what heappened to the color/font ?

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    The problem arises from a glitch within the Vbulletin software. We are working on it with them to find the fix.

    Couples Resorts

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    Lo and behold. The glitch has left the website.

    Thanks for answer, and the fix.

    See you next month at our New England Par-taa.


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    Just an FYI for the moderators:
    That's not the only strange thing going on with the reply windows. I use a Mac and it is just not acting or looking quite right lately. One thing, with a Mac you can resize the box that you type in, that no longer works. This is the only message board that this has occurred for me. I seem to have also lost automatic returns at the right margin, single letters and parts of words are being left behind on returns to the next line of type. Not sure if this is affecting the final appearance of posted messages though.

    Colors, font and size appear to be working, on the "Preview" anyway. At least they have for me.

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    Richie and Randymon,
    I was going to write "Soon Come" on this post, and lo and behold it was one of those rare examples of "Soon Come" meaning "in a short length of time" that actually was !!! Your buttons are back Richie, and it ruined my joke.

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