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    Default In Remission - Have Booked Holiday To Sweptaway!

    Its offical I am now in remission from the lymphoma cancer I have had for the last eight months.We have booked to go to St Lucia (where we married) for 11 days and then over to Negril to Couples Sweptaway from the 5th until the 13 Feb next year. Can't wait I'm really looking forward to it!!
    Elaine x

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    OK, I and everyone else on this Message Board is SOOOOOOOO jealous of you and this upcoming trip. What a wonderful, long, well deserved vacation you will have. I am also a cancer survivor and I understand what you went through. We go back every year to celebrate life at Couples. So happy for you!!!

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    Sorry that should be from 5th-13th March next year, over excited!

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    Hey Elaine!!!
    I posted earlier and for some reason it didn't post, but just wanted you to know how EXCITED I am for you. I had asked in the earlier post about the new grandbaby, but read on another post that is was coming in January, I'll bet you can't wait. I am so happy that you are doing well and are coming home!!

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    So happy for you, a wonderful celebration of life indeed!!! We all need something to look forward to!

    Get that countdown clock loaded!!!!!

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    Great news!!! Congrats!!

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    Elaine..You and been in our thoughts and prayers and Peggy and I are very happy for you..We will continue our prayers.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    Thank you all! I'm really looking forward to it, I've been to Jamaica 3 times but never to CSA and I've been reading about it all year! I'm going to stay with my son and his wife after the baby is born for a week or so and then go on holiday.Have to grow back my hair (its growing slowly)and hopefully my 3 toenails that fell off!Lovely!I'll look forward to all the photos and reviews on CSA for the next few months.

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    Thank you for your support Tommy & Peggy! I'd like to spend a day at CN at your favourite Couples, don't know about the Salty Dog though!Maybe one in your honour!

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