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    We will be returning to CSA in four weeks and plan to do trading places with CN one day. Since we will only be there for lunch where do you recommend we eat and what should we get? I am not sure if there are multiple lunch options like at CSA so I apologize if this is a bad question. Just would like to experience the best food options at CN. Thanks!

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    You have 2 options at CN for lunch.

    1 - The beachgrill, where the menu remains the same daily.

    2 - Cassava Terrace, where the menu has a few changes on about 4 days/week in keeping with a theme (Jamaican, Italian, Oriental, etc.)

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    Unfortunately when it comes to lunch the food will be about the same as at CSA... very good but with no "must try" selections that are not available at CSA. My wife and I prefer the Beach Grill for a salad, some onion rings, and some Jerk Chicken for lunch at CN.

    Dinner would be another matter though.... I think I am addicted to Lychee where I seem to always end up getting a Tasting Platter Appetizer and Pad Thai as my entree. Add in how comfortable it is in there (chairs and the A/C) and I am simply content!

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