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    Default 2 months to go!!!

    That's like only 60 days!
    Only 1440 hours!!
    A mere brief 86400 minutes!!!
    A flash-in-the-pan span of 5184000 seconds!!!!

    /me grabs a paper bag and clamps it over my mouth

    OK, I'm better now...

    It's almost time to get the luggage down, verify which bags will be small enough to be carry-ons, and look at beginning to pack!

    Jason & Kathy, CTI first timers in:
    60 days
    4 hours
    19 minutes
    15 seconds

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    Well I'm excited for you guys and you will have a great time!!! We have a long countdown......first timers and not going until 11/28/12 so no breathing in a bag for us or no countdown dance for a longggggg time! LOL
    Have a great and safe trip!!!

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    Thank you!!

    It's our first time to a "fancy" resort, generally on vacation we tend to go with the "Motel 6" type resort...

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    My husband and I are Couples first timers. We're going to Negril on Oct. 12-19. Only 38 more days for us and I'm thinking I may need a paper bag! I bought my carry on yesterday and I'm considering packing it and putting it by the front door. Ha! Hope your trip is great. Here's to safe travel and great beach weather!!

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    Yes to the great weather and safe travel!

    The wife and I are going to give a "pre-pack" run through, to see if we can fit everything in a single carry-on, or if we're going to need two. Either way, we're taking one of our "hard sider" bags (carry-on size) so if we buy anything breakable, or that requires checking the bag (bottle(s) of rum, perhaps?) we've got one ready.

    CTI in
    56 days
    1 hour
    52 minutes
    40 seconds

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    Quote Originally Posted by warren.cple View Post
    Thank you!!

    It's our first time to a "fancy" resort, generally on vacation we tend to go with the "Motel 6" type resort...
    Well warren.cple this will spoil you rotten and after this I dont see you guys wanting to stay in the ole "Motel 6" type resort anymore!! haha I have to say that I have been very spoiled rotten and have stayed at some very nice hotels.... in the Bahama's a few times and in the Cayman Islands and so on and my poor fiance hasnt ever got to travel and he would be so happy to stay anywhere and sadly I always say yeahhhh noooo! Makes me sound like a bi*ch and I'm not just have became very custom to 4 and 5 star hotels and just have became very picky about where I stay so cant wait to spoil him rotten too!!! You guys are going to have a great time and I hope you let me know how much you enjoyed your "fancy" vacation!!!

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    You will fall in love! We just got back from our first trip. We were at CTI and I want to go back sooo bad

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