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    What is the availability of Lobster at the restaurants of CSA. We will be there at the end of July 2012. I read that there is a special Lobster night but is it available other times or just that one night a week?

    I read something about a guy who walks the beaches selling fresh lobster. Anyone have an experience with this?

    Also, I am just curious, but what are some of the main goods that the beach vendors sell while walking the beach?

    Me and my fiance are SUPER excited for this trip.


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    Saturday night is lobster night at SweptAway, with the critters served at all restaurants.

    I've seen the guy selling lobster on the beach, but you'd be on your own for getting it cooked. There are better options. You can hop a cab to the Office of Nature near Couples Negril, or to 3 Dives up on The Cliffs (not too far from Ricks). These are both "rough" picnic table experiences, but hey... its Jamaica, its lobster, its all good.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Matizno lobster is served in every restaurant on Saturday night. The only other night I remember getting lobster was at the Repeater's Dinner on Monday night when we were served surf & turf. I can't recall a guy roaming the beach selling lobsters. Where would you cook the thing anyway if you bought one? As far as vendors go CSA has vendors right on site during the week. They sell anything from hand painted tee shirts, my wife bought me and our grandson ones (awesome), weaved baskets & hats and jewelry. There's also a well stocked gift shop in the Greathouse where I bought my wife a beautiful necklace and ear rings to match for Christmas. The things I saw sold by vendors walking the beach were mainly cigars & cigarettes, shells, and rental of wave runners or parachute rides. Can't remember too much else but you can walk down the beach to the left and go to a lot of shops that sell everything from alcohol to clothing.

    Welcome to the Couples family and enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA!

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