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    Default Appleton Estate Tour from CTI

    Does anyone know if it's possible to take the Appleton Estate tour only from Couples Tower Isle? I've done the combo YS Falls/Appleton package from Couples Swept Away, but this time I only want to tour Appleton and am staying at CTI. Just wondering if anyone has done this from CTI.



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    When I was booking our first Couples trip in 2007, I didn't have this MB, so I did a lot of research on my own. I haven't done the tour from CTI, only from CN, but this is what I came up with. You can get this trip booked from CTI, I'm just not sure if you can actually book it through the tour desk. The biggest difference is that it takes about 30-45 mintues longer to get there from CTI, than it does from Negril. You also don't get the stops at Black River and YS Falls, which helped break up the trip for us. If I had to spend an additional 30-45 minutes in the van for just the Appleton Tour, it probably would have not been worth it. That being said, maybe you could throw in a stop to Nine Mile and do the Bob Marley tour also. Might be worth looking into!

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    Thanks for the info. I only want to go to the distillery to buy a particular rum available only on the premises. I also have very limited time, so need to get there and get back. I'm thinking a private van may be the way to go. The resort quoted $140 pp round trip. That's highway robbery, so I'll go the private route. Thanks again!

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    I took a private car (it was actually an oversized tour bus - we were the only ones in it) to Appleton Rum Factory from CTI. We went to a few other places, so the total cost was about $300. I know that is probably higher than you are looking for. We had used this company before, and really liked them. You may be able to find a lower quote.

    But the real reason I posted was to let you know about the trip. You mentioned that you have limited time and wanted to get there and back. Not sure what you necessarily meant. But, it will probably take you at least 3 hours to get there and 3 hours to get back. I think that it took us more, like 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

    The time, however, is not really the issue. I am not sure whether you have ventured into that area from CTI. The roads are horrible. They are very narrow, and there are many times when you will feel like you will hit another car. The roads are not always paved, and the other drivers are not very cautious. You will probably start and stop a lot. I got a headache; imagine that for 3 hours. Maybe this will not affect you. But, I know that other postings (not sure here or maybe Cruise Critic), where people complained about this. The company we used mentioned that the trip would not be easy. Being an American (and our roads), I did not fully appreciate that advice. I do now. Maybe there is a route that our driver did not know. Given the experiences of other people, I doubt it. I would not make that journey again.

    If your sole purpose is to obtain a liquor available on the premises, I would consider whether alternative measures could be taken. Would Appleton ship it to CTI? Could you maybe hire someone to buy it and bring it to you? I am not sure if there are illegal aspects to this, or if there are other downsides, such as not knowing that you will get the right thing. But, I mention this because I would avoid that trip if possible. The money that you would have spent taking the trip could be used for one of these alternative measures.

    If you do go, I would recommend making a stop to have baked yams. I think that is what they are called. They taste more like a potato. There are a bunch of places on the side of the road. The place I went to served it with a fish sauce. I am not really a fish person. But I liked the taste of the yam, and it was a true Jamaican experience.

    I know that is pretty long-winded. If you have any other questions, let me know.

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    Thanks for the advice. It is well received. My last trip to Appleton from CSA (Negril) was treacherous to say the least. Our van actually slid off the road and got stuck. The driver calmly got out, grabbed a stick from the back of the van and used it as a fulcrum to dislodge the van. I think the trip took about 2 hours each way. But, I was determined on that trip to get the Appleton 30 year old rum that had just been released. On this trip I'm after the Appleton Exclusive. My hope is that I can find the Exclusive at Duty Free, but that's a long shot since I know it's only available at the Estate.

    In any event, I'm back in Jamaica next week for my wedding and the guys want to take a tour of the Estate and get this rum that I speak so highly of. On the only day we have available to visit the Estate we also have a dinner in the evening. As I know it takes a long time to get there, I just don't have time to see any other sites that particular day. That said, 3 hours each way may even be out of the question with dinner plans. Fingers crossed that duty free stocks the Exclusive.

    Thanks again!


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    We were just at CSA and went on the Appleton Tour. If you are talking about the 50 year rum, I don't remember if they said it was only available there but I do remember that it was $5000 US..... Needless to say it wasn't one of the ones we were allowed to taste!

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    Congrats on getting married, and have fun at CTI.

    I remember asking our driver if the trip was easier from the Negril area. He said that it was shorter (which you indicated) and the roads were better. That said, it sounded like you experienced more difficulties.

    Also, when we were there in March of this year, I recall them mentioning that one of their limited runs was sold out. I don't know if this is the one that you were interested in. I assume that you verified with Appleton that the run you were interested in was still available.

    If you do take the trek to Appleton, I would be curious to know how it compared to the trip from Negril (apart from the incident you experienced).

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    When are you at CTI? Cause I'm looking to pair up with another couple to split the cost of 300.00. I will be there oct 11-16
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