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    Default One night in Montego Bay, then our Couples stay?


    We are looking at booking a 7-9 night stay at either CN or CSA. Husband thought maybe we could fly in and spend our first night exploring Montego Bay in a hotel there, then go to Couples afterwards. We have never been to Jamaica or Couples, and I'm thinking that spending the night there would just create headaches.

    Any thoughts or experiences are appreciated!

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    I think to start out a vacation in a place that you've never been and then have to get back to the airport for the free shuttle to the resort would be a HUGE headache. If you want to do any exploring, do it from your resort after you get there. Plus, you aren't going to be an exploring mood after traveling all day. You are just going to want to get something to eat and drink and settle in. Also, I personally love CSA, but both resorts you've narrowed it down to are awesome. Have a blast.

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    Fully disagree with Margi as we've done this. It's hardly a hassle, and there is some neat stuff to do in MoBay.

    In any case, I responded to your other thread as well...

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    I agree - get to the resort as soon as possible! The bus ride through Montego Bay was enough for us. We are so focused on wanting to begin our Couples Experience that we now take a charter flight to Negril so we can get there sooner!

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    If you knew what was waiting for you at CSA or CN, you would want to get there as soon as possible!

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    Thank you! Sorry, posted this forum twice by accident....can you tell I'm a newbie

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    KrisJamie, you can tell by the wording in her question that she really doesn't want to take on this sort of thing for her first time to the country. And, you know it's a hassle to leave the airport, get settled, then have to go back the next day to catch your ride to paradise. I answered her question to give her arguments to try to talk her husband out of it. It's great you have done this, but did you do it your first time in the country? And you don't have to "disagree" with someone, just write your opinion or answer to the question.

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