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Thread: 14 More Days!!!

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    Default 14 More Days!!!

    We are getting excited. Only 14 more days to go. Any advise on packing and oh our 6 hour layover in ATL. LOL

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    Have you read the I wish I would have thought of that thread? Some great ideas on is long but it will help pass the time in the days until the trip. Some of the ideas are of very personal preference and not necessary items but it's fun to read anyway.

    Once you've packed your clothes take out half what you packed. Unless you've been a half dozen times you WILL over pack. Remember, you are in your swim suits all day and your evening clothes for a couple hours. Think of clothes you can mix and match or re-wear to save space and weight in the suitcase. One or two pair of shoes that go with everything is a space saver too.

    The 6 hours in Atlanta sounds like a lot of down time right now but they are known for delays and flight mishaps, you may end up grateful for that cushion. If everything goes as scheduled then it will indeed be a lot of time but if you need it you'll be glad you have it...we needed it our last trip. Take the laptop, a book, and plan to get up and walk around when the tushy gets tired.

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    Which resort are you going to?? We'll be there in 20 days w/ a slight lay over in Atlanta too... Can not wait to reach CN... never have been but so excited!!

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    Thanks JamaicaHeart. I work for another Airline so believe me I know about the cushion. I have talked to alot of my Friends and I got some great things to do in the airport including napping in your little room. How awesome is that. Thanks about the thread. About the packing I bought a smaller bag not carrier on, but smallier bc I tend to overpack and my goal is keep it light. Thanks though.

    Snowfla586 we are going to CSA and 20 days!! WOW. I wish, but I could not stay away from my 2 1/2 year old that long..... or could I. lol No I couldnt.

    We leave on the 5th from LAS and arrive in ATl in the early morning of the 6th.

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