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    Default Here you are!!

    Okay, so those of you on FB know the story -- a small surprise for my hubby!!
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    Dave --
    LOVE the tshirt!!
    Let's get that tatted right there on your chest... perfect placement.. know the right guy... come on!!

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    JJ - Why do I get the feeling you wear that all the time? I can just picture you grocery shopping or waiting at the doc's office, wearing your crown like it's perfectly natural...LOL!!

    LOVE the new tat beachwed! And all I got was the silver...

    Beachwed - are you guys going to the school again? Drop me an email and let me know, we'd love to join you and bring along goodies. Catch me at

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamaican_junkie View Post
    Oh, so that was you? It's nice to finally put a name to the ...
    I thought I deleted all those photos. I must have missed that one. I'll have to be more dilligent in 2011.

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    155 days until I have my morning Miami Vice and my toes are in the sand...

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    Jerzz, after stopping at the grocery store to pick up my favorite, Cap'n Crunch, I can go have lunch at Burger King before paying a visit to Dairy Queen. And when I need my crown repaired, I can always bring it to the dentist. So what would make you think that it ISN'T natural?

    Big Ben, here's another one of my favorite photos that you didn't delete...
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    Hey Rhonda...maybe you're right!
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    Default Dave, dave, dave.....

    Once again, you've taken something so beautiful and made it an image for my nightmares..... LOL

    I was thinking more along the lines of the wording on your tshirt for YOUR tattoo! That way, even on the AN beach, everyone would know your name.....

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    jerzz --

    definitely plan on heading to the school -- will let you know as we get closer!
    I got the silver pendant too -- they were sooo pretty! And getting it didn't hurt near as much as getting the tatt!! LOL

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    Kim --
    so I'm scrolling down through the posts, and the first pic up there catches my eye.....
    thought the dude in the background was playing with his nipples for a minute there!!! LOL

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    I'm sure you knew this was coming next. I really hope we can all get together again in 2011. That was by far our most exciting and crazy trip.

    Hopefully attachment works...
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    Big Ben...I really wasn't sure what to expect. That one is ok. It was the pictures with big bird and thong butts that I was worried about!

    Rhonda, if you really want nightmares, I can move the tat onto a butt cheek for ya.

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    I may have to dig those pictures out of the archives, Dave.

    My King JJ tattoo is still a work in progress though.

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    Jason, I think that you might have to change your screen name. While watching football this fall, you popped into my head every time I saw a certain quarterback. The resemblance was uncanny! And it wasn't Big Ben...

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    HEY!!! Where are all you March Maniacs? Big Ben and I are the only ones conversing and we aren't even going to CN in March!

    Anyways...I was just reminiscing about our previous trips together, and it got me thinking...Whatever happened to Big Bird? Hmmmmmm......

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    We're packing - teehee! Now that is one nice bird!

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    Lisa, what are you packing now? I sure hope you're packing heat because it is frickin' cold out! It's 10 degrees right now.

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    well... the countdown is now in the double digits folks!! LOVE IT!!

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    JJ - Need to be packing heat here too - "They" are watching snow activity coming at us this weekend and possibly even worse come Christmas Eve. Noooo! Guess we'll just hunker down till March...

    Counting here too beachwed - 83 days...

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    Dec 9th - Two feet of snow fell breaking an all time record. Are we there yet? Is that a Miami Vice? I'm snowblind!!!
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    Jerzz ----- No way in H**L -- that snow is crazy, even the dog says so!!! You just keep that crap up your way!!

    Are yall still wanting to go to the school with us? Mark and I are trying to get our plans fixed up. I'll email the driver and see what rates look like this year.

    We're also trying to decide if we want to do TimAir from MoBay to CN or on the transfer from CN to COR....(dang, CTI --- just can't get used to it...)

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    The DudeMon is baaaaack! I am pleased to report that I have started my Jamaican conditioning regime again this year and got it off to a good start on New Years Eve, not as good as last year though as only two girls (Blonde Hawaiian was one of them) made it to the hot tub after midnight this year and everyone was appropriately clothed. We didnt even have any rings available so I could start working on my perimeter jump shots (I still have the touch on slam dunks however). I guess I almost broke the King's backboard in CN last year??

    So speaking of the elusive King -- I am forming up a band of crusaders (may have to buy some mercenaries) to launch a campaign to save the King for the sake of the Throne, The Crown and the Hell of it!!! I hear he is being held captive in a tower on a remote island -- sounds like another adventure to me. Anyone up for it I think this year (if I stick to my conditioning regimine) I will be able to take those eight shots and succesfully outrun the local Jamaican Police without having to sacrifice the women! Oh Boy this is going to be a great TRIP

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    Dude! It's good knowing you're still out there, takin'er easy for all of us. Sounds like you needed a ring leader (har har) on New Years Eve, or maybe the Goddess of the Rings to instigate some mayhem (and to intoxicate Sir Mayhem). It's good to know you're working on your game, too ... but please no slam dunking when I am in the tub ... extra points for not touching the rim.

    I will join you in your crusade to save the King, but have heard that he is actually recruiting new followers on the island. I think he may have kidnapped himself ... you know, a young King, in the parlance of our times .....

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    Hey everyone...I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. The countdown is getting shorter as the days get longer. I think we are down to 67 days to paradise, so I too am in full training.

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    DudeMon! Dudester! The Dudemeister! Dude-o-rama! I'm not sure what Mayhem is talking about, but there will be no young kings in the wings...only damsels in distress! As far as the ring game...maybe you'd be better suited as the setup guy, tossing up alley-oops for the hi-Phi Slama Jama women.

    I am saddened that I will not be among you Negrilians this time around. It is true that my "captivity" will keep me on the remote island off the coast of Ocho Rios. I will be standing at full attention from atop the tower, keeping my eyes peeled for that rescue Hobie Cat coming around the bend.
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    6 more canadians just booked for week of March 7 -14, hoping to have a great time at CN....what is all involved in this "search for the King" Hoping for great weather, great food, and lots of drinks.

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