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    Default Possible Contest? Tell us what you think?

    Greetings to all:

    For years, Couples Resorts logo has been our entwined (some of you call them "twisted") palms.

    I've been thinking about starting a collection of artwork for our office - all centered around this iconic logo.

    How many of you closet, wannabe and professional artists would be interested in putting on canvas your own version of our entwined palms? Suppose I said that we would select our favorite and reward you with a complimentary 3 night stay at you choice of resort?

    There would need to be some rules, of course, such as the paintings would become the property of Couples Resorts, Canvas would need to be a minimum of 8 x 10 in size (but the bigger the better), you would be responsible for shipping to our Florida office, etc....

    What do you think? Paint Brushes at the Ready?

    Couples Resorts

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    Being a potter I have started making tiles and have been tinkering with the Couples logo... The ceramic tiles make nice coasters for my office- and wall hangings(for the bigger ones).. but I cannot paint Great idea for the office though..and the painters out there!!

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    I think it's a great idea. Would be nice to see what people come up with. I still miss the "lions" tho.

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    I think that it is a great idea......count me in. Paint brushes are at the ready.

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    Man Randymon, I just had all these duffle bags made up with the Couples logo so we could take them with us next Dec and know you want to go and change things! hahaha You're gonna cost me a fortune!! haha

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    Love it!

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    Great for those who are artistically for those who can't even draw a stick person.

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    Awesome idea.... maybe print t-shirts for the winning design or even let the MB folk vote on the designs also
    Randi & Sherri
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    My couples experience wont start until October 9th. But I am so ready for this! I love the idea!!!

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    Good idea but very expensive to ship gigantic canvases from the UK to FL!

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    You have my creative wheels turning.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffin View Post
    Great for those who are artistically for those who can't even draw a stick person.
    Ha that is me that cant even draw a stick person!!!

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    Great idea!

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    Great idea, but someone who has that kind of talent deserves 7 nights don't you think?

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    Would not be good for either of us either. We can't draw a stick man either. Contest would only be good for those that have artistic talents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike&Kami View Post
    Great idea, but someone who has that kind of talent deserves 7 nights don't you think?
    Not if those with talent behind the lens only get 3... :-p

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    so does it have to be paint, or as long as it's on a canvas it counts? I'm just thinking of some mixed media ideas...

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    I love this idea! I have only done one painting in my adult life...and it was abstract, if you know what I mean, but I like the idea. Maybe some of the paintings could be featured at the resorts so we could admire them as well?

    Mark & April
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    Yeah, I miss the lions, too!
    Cool idea tho

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    I love the idea and think of it as an opprortunity to create something inspiring. How many of us have a passion for Couples that is unsurpassed by any other tangible thing. This is an opportunity to crate something with your loved one, while thinking about the place you love the most.

    I agree, more for the artistically gifted people, but why not give it a try. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    To forego shipping charges, people could email submissions and the final contenders could have postage paid for their pieces to be shipped to FL.

    Three or five nights stay would be a great reward. Do you intend to make categories? Gold, silver, bronze? Or maybe black, green and yellow levels (Jamaican flag)? One inspired by the feeling of each resort?

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    I love the idea but it is expensive for the person who is entering the contest. Firstly 8x10 or larger can be a pricy canvas to buy and the shipping is very expensive. that is all just for a shot to shelling out some dough just for a chance for three nights seems a bit much. I really like the idea and am an amateur painter myself. Maybe having us do a smaller painting or the full scale painting and sending in pictures of them to the resort so the winner just has to pay the shipping fee (if someone made it on a smaller scale they could make it to larger scale if they won). Just a thought.

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    Sounds like a great idea, but this is one contest I definitely won't be entering. I have absolutely no talent for drawing or painting. If I submitted my entwined palms "artwork," people would be asking, "What is that? A dog?"
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    Don't be grouchy not everything can be for everyone. I have no artistic ability either but would love to see what others come up with and maybe vote on favorites!


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    Does it have to be strictly just paint and canvas or can their be other things in there as well?

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    I also have absolutely NO talent in drawing or painting, but would love to see what other people could come up with. Love the idea!
    I, personally, would do anything for 3 nights in Paradise!

    Great idea, Randy.

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