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    Default contructive catamaran cruise advice needed

    My wife and i are making our first trip to CSA Sept 2- and have been counting down the days for weeks. ... regrettably --i broke an arm yesterday going over the front of my mtn bike, so has put a bit of a drag on the trip.. my question to veterns of csa- am i going to be able to go on the cat cruise without issues ? ive already hosed my wife out of learning how scuba drive- can we probably cross this off too ? any help will be appreciated.

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    Not sure about the diving, especially if you are on meds. But, you will probably be alright for the cat cruise. It really depends on what kind of break and cast we're talkin about.

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    You can definitely do the cat cruise. They dock the boat close enough to shore for loading/unloading that you can walk out to it with no need to swim. The boat does stop for a while to let guests swim in some beautiful caves. They have life vests available, so if you can get your arm wet and don't mind wearing a life vest, you could still probably get out. Otherwise, you could stay on and have the rum punch all to yourself! Either way, it will still be a great trip!

    I don't see why your wife can't still scuba. You can go watch her and take some pictures while she is doing the course in the pool. You could even go out on the boat if you wanted to; the guys on the boat are great company and you would be right there to welcome her out of the water! If you prefer to stay back at the resort, you can have a drink waiting for her upon her return.

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    I believe you can still do the catamaran cruise. You have to walk out in waist deep water to get on the boat. Most people carry any items with them over their head, so your wife could do that. The only problem I see is you getting onto the boat. The steps are a bit high and you will only be able to hold onto the railing with one hand. However, the great guys working on the catamaran are right at the top of the steps helping people on and they will gladly give you assistance. If you find it too difficult just turn around and walk back to shore. Honestly though I don't think you will have a problem.

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    You shouldn't have an issue going on the catamaran cruise. You will have to wade out into the water about waist deep to get on board, but as long as you hold your arm up you'll be fine. We went last September and my husband had a broken ankle. He got the doctor to take the cast off the day before we left so he was in a walking boot for the trip, but still had to use his crutches. He went on the cat cruise. They just helped him get up the steps. No worries mon! They'll take care of you

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    You don't have to learn to Scuba together! Sylvia - the watersports staff are fantastic and you should totally take the short resort course on your own, do a dive and bring him back pictures!
    Sorry to hear about your arm Mike! I can't actually comment on the cat cruise since I haven't been yet (counting down to Feb 2012), and I am not sure how big your cast is (up to the elbow or to your bicep?) You may want to bring an itching stick - something small and metal that you can pop in the fridge to get chilly. Heat and casts are not good friends. But at least you will be in paradise together!

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    Wow... that might be a tough one... you'll need some extra help getting on and off the boat, because boarding is by wading out into waist-to-chest-deep water to the stern of the cat. You'll then need to climb a ladder to pull yourself up onto the aft-deck of the cat. If someone is behind you, they can help to push you up the ladder while you steady yourself with your good arm.

    Of course, once aboard, you'll be able to comfortably enjoy the sights with the rest of your happy shipmates... but you won't be able to participate in the on-board shennanigans or the cave explorations.

    You'll need help disembarking as well... the cat will back in to the beach area of SweptAway, and again, you'll need to get off at the stern. Doable, but a challenge... make lots of friends is my advice. If you can find a way, though, don't give up on the trip... its worth it!

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    I think you'll be able to go on the cruise. You'll have to hold you arm above your head when you walk out to the boat. Then, once you get to the caves, if you can swim with your arm, you can use a life jacket to get over to them to check them out. The cat cruise is very casual. You pretty much ride on the boat down the coast, stop at the caves for a bit, then sail back while the sun it setting. Go for it! Even if you just go for the ride. You can sit on the boat and you wife can go down the slide on the boat a few times.

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    The only issue that I can think of with the Cat cruise at CSA is that you board the cat in waist deep water. You will need to be careful to keep your arm up to keep the cast dry when boarding. Other than that, you'll be safe and dry on the cat, so no reason you can't go.

    As far as the scuba diving, your wife can do that solo. You don't have to do it as a couple. I did the scuba course at CSS while Bob relaxed at the resort drinking Red Stripes.

    Sorry about your arm - Bob broke his a few years ago, and it is a rough go.

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    I don't see any reason you couldn't go on catamaran cruise. My guess is that you probably can't get your case wet which would mean you miss out on swimming in the cave, but thats it. You can stay on the boat and drink their foul-tasting, jet fuel-like punch.

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    I did sports medicine for five years and yes u can do the cruise... Better yet ask your doctor about having a waterproof cast put on! u can swim and bathe as if your arm isn't broken! if you already have a different cast on you can call your doctor and still request the cast but it most likely will not be covered by insurance so be prepared to pay 100-150 for it. <--- well worth every penny. IMO.
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    You can go, you can have plenty of fun on the CAT, you just will not be able to go in the water, enjoy the rum, the views and relax, as long as you can hold your arm out of the water high enough to wade out to the CAT I do not see an issue, bring some plastic wrap wrap tha bay up and lay on the float during your trip in the ocean and relax, as long as you are not in serious pain you should be able to enjoy yourself. I have been down to CN after 3 disc back surgery, shoulder surgery knee surgery and still enjoyed it to its fullest, by the way all my surgeries were from a bike wreck also with a 89 year old woman and her Ford Astro van!!!!!

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    Not sure what issues you think you will run into given that that can physically walk and pull your self onto the cat ... after that you will need to either sit or stand ( your choice) drink or not ( again your choice) and enjoy the sights and sounds. I am not a doctor nor have i stayed at a holiday inn express recently but i would have to say a broken arm would not exclude you from the cat cruise.
    Some of the activities u may be exclude from on the cat cruise are
    -swimming unless u manage to keep your cast dry
    - arm wrestling obviously with said broken arm
    - playing the paino

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    I don't see why you wouldn't still be able to go. Sit back,relax,and enjoy the sites scenery.

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    Default going on cat with a cast

    We have been on the cat at couples negril several times. First thing that you need to know is you will be wading in water to get to the boat. I'm only 5 feet tall and the water is pretty much up to my chest. You could put a plastic bag wrapped around your cast good to keep it try.

    Second to get onto the cat, this might be a challenge as you have to take some steps up into the boat. The first step alone is a pretty big gap between the ground and the step. But, again this lady writing this response is short. There are cable on each side of the steps to help pull yourself up on the stairs and onto the deck. I do know once you get closer to the top, they help give you a hand. I think there are about 8 steps from the ground and up to the deck of the boat. Even though this cat group isn't tied to couples, I would talk to the watersport guys too and see if they think the crew on the boat could assist you up and onto the boat. I would think they would mind helping you onto their boat. Once you get onto the boat, there is places in the middle of the boat that you could sit down and feel stable. Keep in mind, that the bathrooms are kind of down under the boat. You have to step down to get down to them. If you are good at using one arm to help get around and take it slow, you should be fine. I have seen several different ages of people and some with struggles and with time, they all seem to be able to get onto the cat. I would try and talk to the watersports guys, not sure if they will be able to give you any answers or not. Then, with all of this in mind, have your cast wrapped and plan on trying it. There is usually a crew member that comes into the shore to get every ready to board. This is when you can talk to her and let her know you might need some assistance. I would at least try to do the cat. Don't just automatically rule it out unless you feel you for sure can't handle the challenge. Everyone needs to sign a boarding pass which I believe also releases them from any liability too. I hope you can rid the cat and have a wonderful time. We are heading back to couples negril for the fourth time and will take the cat at least 2 times.

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    No worries, mon. You will be fine to go. You wade out waist deep to the boat. Someone will help you on, and away you'll go. Be sure she wears her suit so she can swim to the caves when they stop. What a bummer for you!! Hope you still have a wonderful trip!

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    Cast past the elbow?
    If yes, I think getting in the Cat would be a challenge.
    If no, you might need a shove from behind to start your way up the stairs, but you should be able to manage.
    You'll wade out to the Cat in waist to chest deep water, depending on your height. Arms above your head, then you get to the drop down staircase, your good arm might be all you need to board.
    It's too good of a time to miss, so give it a try. Worst case, you have to go back to the beach bar and start planning your next trip. A couple of Bob Marleys will help with that.
    Mike, stay off that bike 8 weeks out for the next trip.
    Sylvia, pack light...

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    Default no worries

    I tore my ACL and my meniscus a week before leaving as well. No problems doing cat cruise even with a bum lleg. It was hard to get on the boat but nothing I couldnt handle. I am sure you will be fine!!!

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    Many thanks to all for the input- Was unable to find any physcians in Springfield that would offer the water proof option- After a long discussion with my Orthopedic Dr- he is letting me go with my temp cast- and is giving me a small brace /splint to wear in the water, with the intention of putting a cast on me upon our return. broke the Ulna, just above the wrist, so it will be one of those forearm casts. So with a great deal of care, and some rum- i should be cool. just 4 days and we"llbe there ! mike

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    Glad to hear, Mike... exercise due caution, and you'll be native in no time... as in "no problem, mon!".

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Sounds great, good luck and go and enjoy!!

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