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    Default Countdown clocks

    Some have been asking "where do you get the countdown clocks" so here you go.

    Here is one site you can get it FREE

    237 days to go. My calendar won't go fast forward!

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    Thanks - I have one that I use but will check this out also. I just wish there was a way to time travel - How cool would that be?????

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    Tell me about it Julie...I have been folding my arms, nodding my head and blinking just like "Jeanie" does and I still haven't gotten back home!!!

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    Kristen - You're too funny. I always wanted to be Samantha Stevens (on Bewitched) when I was little. Just wiggle your nose or snap your fingers. I already have all the wierd relatives like she had ............. why can't I have those cool powers too?????

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    I use this one...
    Even made my own skin w/ a scene taken from couples w/ the hammock...

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