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    Default Hot Stone Massage at CSA

    Hello everyone,

    I'm so excited that we'll be in Jamaica in just 4 days. I was wondering though if CSA has a Hot Stone Massage? We went there last year and I could have sworn I got one there but when I looked at the brochure online it's not listed. Does anyone know if they took it off. It was the best massage I have ever had.



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    When we went to CSA two years ago they did have the hot stone massage...and sunburn and all it was hands down the best massage I have ever gotten! I really hope they still have it as an option. Please let me know what you find out!

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    How funny! Not 5 minutes ago I was researching this same question, but didn't find an answer. On our Couples Swept Away Honeymoon Registry, it was available as an item we could register for. Now that someone has purchased it for us, I don't see it as an offering on the brochure, either. We can still use the money for something else, but I was looking forward to the hot stones. I had one of those a few years back, and it was heavenly.

    Can anyone shed some light?

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    Was just there in March and had one, it was fantastic!

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    Just had one at CSS - its not on the brochure - so presume CSA should also have it.

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    Each resort used to have different offerings of the types of massage they had.
    however when they put up the new "standardized" online brochure (sometime in may? - so this would have been after the march date that jasoncassy posted about) the prices went up and the offerings became the same.
    i posted several times on the old message board about whether they had actually changed so that all the resorts offer exactly the same types of massages i got no reply(s) - there was too much back and forth speculation and uproar about the price changes apparently to bother answering my posts.
    so i am still wondering the same thing - I too would love to try the hot stone massage in sept when i go.

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    My wife had a hot stone message at CSA last November and it said it was awesome. I'm sure it is still available. No worries mon.

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    According to an e-mail I received today from Jennifer Cape, regional spa manager from Couples, CSA does still offer the hot stone massage.

    25 mins - $75
    55mins - $130 (single); $140 (couple)
    80 mins - $165

    Thank you Ms. Cape for your quick response.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    That's great news! Thanks for checking.

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    We're heading to CSS in November and I'm curious to know what's available also. I had posted a thread previously about recommended massages, but none of the suggestions I received were listed on the new brochure when that was posted.

    Can someone at Couples clarify what is available at each spa?

    Counting down the days....

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    Ooops. I meant to say thank you to Ms. Cape and Seandymon for their quick responses.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Great info, NeedBlueWater! Thanks for posting it!

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    Sue totally enjoyed her hot stone massage last April. she is looking forward to another one next year.


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